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द कॅस्कॅड रेस्ट्रॉंट

 04443500990, 04426283482
अद/83, राज टावर, 1स्ट्रीट फ्लोर, 5टी.एच. ऍवेन्यू, अन्ना नगर, चेन्नई - 600040, Tamil Nadu
ऑपोजिट इंडियन ओवर्सीज बॅंक


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Catering: येस
Home Delivery Radius: 4 केमिस
Home Delivery: येस
Amenities: नॉट अवैलेबल
Valet Parking: येस
Alcohol: नो
Cuisine: चाइनिज
Home Delivery Call: 66427818
Veg/Non-Veg: नन-वेज
Food coupons accepted: सोदेक्षो
Credit Cards Accepted: येस
AC,Non AC: ए.सी.

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I would personally recommend this restaurant.
Cleanliness is their top priority and the class of food is excellent and 2 thumps up for their outstanding service.
Never miss the Soups, starters and desserts here and try their fried rice too.

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