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Bike Dealers
 04443597050, 04443335015
 09500133385, 09566163330
119/2, झेनोफेर टावर, ग्राउंड फ्लोर, 100 फीत रोड, जवाहरलाल नेहरु सलाई, जफ्फरखानपेट, अशोक नगर, चेन्नई - 600083, Tamil Nadu
ऑपोसिट कसी थिएटर


cash, credit card
Services: येस
Authorized Dealer Of: यमहा
Products: बीक बॉडी कवर्स, बीक हेलमेट, बीक मफ्लर्स, बीक सीट, बीक सीट कवर्स, बीक साइड मिरर, फॉग एंड हेड लाइट्स, बीक मफ्लर्स, 2 व्हीलेर टायर्स एंड ट्यूब्स
Affiliation: यमहा, अपोलो टायर्स, एम.आर.एफ. टायर्स, जे.के. टायर्स, गूडईअर टायर्स, चेम्पियन
Products: 2 व्हीलेर सपर पार्ट्स, अलॉय वील्स
Credit Cards Accepted: मास्टरकार्ड, विजा, विजा इलेक्ट्रॉन

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Iam Not Stasfied With Your Service In Your Branch All The Expensive You Telling Two Much Cost But In Another Place There Are Providing Low Cost Only. Smart Card Ruppes 250 In Rto office But You Charged In 400Rs So Year After Dont Cheat Any Customer.
If Extra Charges Going To Charge Means Inform To Customer Before It Self..................This Is Not Fake It'S Real Sri Motors Is Very Very Worst.................

Ajith Kumar
Fz-s Black/Blue

It used to be good. But now, it is one of the worst service centers. They don't deliver on time. The receptionist doesn't have any information about the current status of the bike being serviced. She often transfers the call to the head mechanic. He is even more a useless fella. Once he told me that my bike was ready, but when i went there it wasn't even water washed. Run away from this service center.
the worst service center of yamaha :@ neva leave ur baby 2 dese arseholes :@ they'll test drive at speedz upto 110 :@ and dese bastardz even try stuntz with d bikes which stayz there for service :@ i've watched dese fuckaz do dem :@ so neva choose diz service center :@

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