Entrance Exam Training Institutes
-4, -, , रंगस्वामी स्ट्रीट, च्रोम्पेत, - 600044, Tamil Nadu


Test: , टी.ई.टी., टी.एन.पी.एस.सी., बॅंक इग्जाम्स, सब इन्स्पेक्टर कोचिंग, प्रेपरेशन फॉर गवर्नमेंट , टी.एन.यू.एस.आर.बी., आई.बी.पी.एस., पी.एस.सी., आर.आर.बी., आर.बी.आई.
Other Services: ऑप्टटुडे टेस्टिंग, केरियर , कॉलेज यूनिवर्सिटी सिलेक्शन - , प्रेपरेशन, टेस्ट प्रेपरेशन कोचिंग

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Seperate Practice room given for students.all day long we were permitted to practice with the help of the faculties.The only institute will all day long assistance..Good job...
i am working sbi bank thanks to weshine academy
weshine banking coaching is very nice
demo class is very good & nice. very useful
good coaching center for tnpsc, bank exams
weshine faculties are dedicated people. our coaching is very useful for me
weshine coaching is very useful for me.Infrastructure & atmosphere is very very super
They motivate each student and all the classes including english and general awareness are all dicussed in class.best coaching center
tnpsc , bank best coaching center in weshine academy.............
I am a student of Weshine academy for BANK class. Very good teaching methods. Seperate room given for practice. They conduct weekly test. Thanks for Weshine academy..
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