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एनी टाइम

 04428150500, 04428155500
होटल जी.आर.टी. ग्रॅंड, 120, 1स्ट्रीट फ्लोर, साइर थ्यागरया रोड, टी.नगर, चेन्नई - 600017, Tamil Nadu
इन होटल जी.आर.टी. ग्रॅंड


cash, food coupon, credit card
cash, credit card
Catering: येस
Home Delivery Radius: एन/ए
Home Delivery: नो
Amenities: नॉट अवैलेबल
Valet Parking: येस
Alcohol: येस
Home Delivery Call: एन/ए
Veg/Non-Veg: नन-वेज
Food coupons accepted: नो
Credit Cards Accepted: येस
AC,Non AC: ए.सी.
Cuisine: चाइनिज , कॉंटिनेंटल , मल्टी-कूसिंअ , नोर्थ इन्डियन
Credit Cards Accepted: मास्टरकार्ड, विजा, विजा इलेक्ट्रॉन

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must visit for non-veggies...the buffet at Anytime is total paisa vasool ( for 591 buks they serve a variety of seafood,meat nd veg delicacies) plus their dessert selection were top class( not even the Radissons and Le Merideans serve such awsome Zuccotto nd Banana Flan ) ..the place is open 24 hrs ( its a coffee shop basically) nd the waiters serves you politely even if you drag yourself in at 3 in the morning...

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