> > Dr. Shreedhara Hande

डॉक्टर. श्रीधर हॅंड

फातिमा मंझिल, बेन, वास्को-डी.ए.-गामा, गोवा - 403802
ऑपोजिट पी.डब्ल्यू.डी. ऑफिस


Specialization: जेनरल मेडिसिन
Clinic: डॉक्टर. श्रीधरा हॅंड क्लिनिक

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Very bad doctor, treats patients very rudely and very arrogant. There is no sense of courtesy. In his waiting area he has kept all broken toys for children to play, which can injure them. He gets old news papers 2days old from his house and keeps them at his clinic for people visiting to read,pathetic. Avoid this doctor at all cost. You will only regret. He is a non Goan doctor, treating goals rudely with disrespect. There are much better children doctors in vasco who care more about you and your children. If you care for your children take them to a good doctor who cares less about the money and more your child's health.

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