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Microwave Oven Repair
934, 2ਏਨ.ਡੀ. ਏ ਕ੍ਰਾਸ, 1ਸਟ੍ਰੀਟ ਬਲਾਕ, ਬਸਾਵੈਸ਼ਵਾਰਾ ਨਗਰ 3ਆਰ.ਡੀ. ਸਟੇਜ, ਬੈਂਗਲੋਰ - 560079, Karnataka
ਨਿਅਰ ਪਿੱਜ਼ਾ ਹਟ
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cash, credit card
Appliance: ਹੋਮ ਥਿਏਟਰ, ਮਿਊਜ਼ਿਕ ਸਿਸਟਮ
Appliance: ਏਲ.ਸੀ.ਡੀ. ਟੀ.ਵੀ., ਪਲਾਜਮਾ ਟੀ.ਵੀ.
Authorized Repair Services Of: ਸੈਮਸਂਗ, ਏਲ.ਜੀ., ਗਾਡਰੈਜ, ਵਰਪੂਲ, ਵਿਡਿਓਕਾਨ, ਹੇਅਰ, ਓਨਿਡਾ, ਆਈ.ਏਫ.ਬੀ., ਬੀ.ਪੀ.ਏਲ.
Authorized Repair Services Of: ਸੈਮਸਂਗ, ਏਲ.ਜੀ., ਗਾਡਰੈਜ, ਵਰਪੂਲ, ਵਿਡਿਓਕਾਨ, ਹੇਅਰ, ਓਨਿਡਾ, ਆਈ.ਏਫ.ਬੀ., ਬੀ.ਪੀ.ਏਲ.
Credit Cards Accepted: ਅਮੈਰਿਕਨ ਏਕਸਪ੍ਰੈਸ, ਮਾਸਟਰਕਾਰਡ, ਪਲਸ, ਸਟਾਰ, ਵਿਜਾ, ਵਿਜਾ ਇਲੈਕਟ੍ਰਾਨ
Authorized Repair Services Of: ਸੈਮਸਂਗ, ਏਲ.ਜੀ., ਗਾਡਰੈਜ, ਵਰਪੂਲ, ਵਿਡਿਓਕਾਨ, ਇਲੈਕਟ੍ਰੋਲਕਸ, ਹੇਅਰ, ਓਨਿਡਾ, ਆਈ.ਏਫ.ਬੀ.
Authorized Repair Services Of: ਸੈਮਸਂਗ, ਏਲ.ਜੀ., ਵਿਡਿਓਕਾਨ, ਹੇਅਰ, ਓਨਿਡਾ, ਬੀ.ਪੀ.ਏਲ.

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Number one WORST SERVICING CENTER i have seen in Bangalore. I dont know on what basis they have got Authorization for many famous Brands.

If you want to loose your time and money then go for this Service Center.

Employees who works here doesn't know to interact with customers. Its not worth for getting Service from your valuable Money and Time.

I have to refill the gas of my Ac. Guys come on time and fixed all the problems. Ac is now cooling and servicing was very professional. Guys, if u have to get any appliance repair, just give them the call.
perfect work with good quality products
One of the best service provider in bangalore.
good service
Very good service centre
excellent service provider.. they have delivered on time.
ASC service center BEST service provider in bangalore . I have one problem of my lcd tv , they provided us with good service with less amount compare to another service center ASC service center is best service provider in bangalore . after repairing the lcd tv now the tv is working fine in future anybody having any problem with home appliance services contact ASC service center only best service with less amount
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There are the BIGGEST FRAUDS and their service center must be immediately siezed.

THey have collected 4000 RS frim me and returned my washing machine without proper service and technician came and said again it needs to be atken to service and I am waiting from 10 days they are saying some or the other problem but my machine is not taken up.

I will file this senter to consumer court,especially the lady receptionist SWETHA who picksthe call is very worst LADY

PLease guys dont TRUST them at all.

Irfan khan is also the technician who is very worst person

poor service. Think before you choose to give for repair.
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