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ਡੇਲਿਕੈਕੀ ਰੇਸਟ੍ਰਾਂਟ

 08041753636, 08025502233
971/ਸੀ, ਗ੍ਰਾਉਂਡ ਫਲੋਰ, ਸਟ੍ਰੀਟ ਬੈਦ ਲੇਆਉਟ, ਕੋਰਮਂਗਲਾ 4ਟੀ.ਏਚ. ਬਲਾਕ, ਬੈਂਗਲੋਰ - 560034, Karnataka
ਨਿਅਰ ਸਮਾਰਟ ਸੁਪਰਮੈਰਕੇਟ
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cash, food coupon, credit card
Catering: ਨੋ
Home Delivery: ਯੈਸ
Home Delivery Radius: 5 ਕੇ.ਏਮ.ਏਸ.
Amenities: ਨਾਟ ਅਵੈਲੇਬਲ
Valet Parking: ਨੋ
Alcohol: ਨੋ
Cuisine: ਚਾਇਨਿਜ , ਥੇ
Home Delivery Call: 41753636
Veg/Non-Veg: ਨਨ-ਵੈਜ
Food coupons accepted: ਨੋ
Credit Cards Accepted: ਯੈਸ
AC,Non AC: ਏ.ਸੀ.

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I totally agree with the above comments though the place being small the food is fantabulous and the quantity and qualitlly is very appreciable as well it is very reasonably priced. Worth visiting again and again.
small place............but food is really good. and the price is also reasonable
Had ordered Some lip smaking starters.. and momos.. very very tasty. ......Chinese food lovers should try this place
its a very small place but food is great, also they will complimentary veg wantons for everyone who goes there....thai food is also good...

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