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ਏਸ.ਏਸ. ਡੈਂਟਲ ਕਲਿਨਿਕ

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96/43, ਸੁਪ੍ਰਭਾ ਅਪਾਰਟਮੇਂਟਸ, 2ਏਨ.ਡੀ. ਮੇਨ ਰੋਡ, ਗਾਂਧੀ ਨਗਰ, ਅਦਿਆਰ, ਚੇਂਨਈ - 600020, Tamil Nadu
ਨਿਅਰ ਗਂਗਾ ਸਵੀਟਸ


Specialization: ਡੈਂਟਲ ਕੇਅਰ

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Dr. Punitha is terrific. She did my dental implants, gum grafts, the whole treatment, and it has worked out beautifully. I continue to see her twice a year for cleanings and her touch is so gentle that I don't even need anesthesia, but her cleanings are thorough. The whole clinic is so well run and beautiful. Dr. Punitha really thinks about what is best for her patients and provides it.
Dr Punitha takes the time to review options for treatment with each patient and helps patients with the financing of the recommended treatment.
I highly recommend her.

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