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Wedding planners
 04426264825, 04442026684
 09500000015, 09940611562
ਏ.ਏਚ.-231, 2ਏਨ.ਡੀ. ਸਟ੍ਰੀਟ, 8ਟੀ.ਏਚ. ਮੇਂਨ ਰੋਡ, ਸਁਥਾਇ ਕਾਲਨੀ, ਅਂਨਾ ਨਗਰ, ਚੇਂਨਈ - 600040, Tamil Nadu
ਨਿਅਰ ਪਁਜਲਿਇੱਮਨ ਟੇਮਪਲ


cash, credit card
Credit Cards Accepted: ਨੋ
Event Type: ਬਰਥਡੇ ਪਰਚੇਸ, ਕੋਰਪੋਰੇਟ ਇਵੈਂਟ, ਮੈਰੇਜ ਕਾਂਟ੍ਰੈਕਟਰ, ਪਿਰੋਵੈਟੇਟ ਇਵੈਂਟ
Services: ਮੀਟਿਂਗ ਅਂਡ ਕਾਨਫਰੇਨਸ, ਸਪੋਰਟਸ ਇਵੈਂਟਸ ਅਂਡ ਟੂਰਨਮੈਂਟਸ, ਹੋਟੈਲ ਅਂਡ ਟ੍ਰੇਵਲ ਅਰੇਂਜਮੈਂਟਸ
Services: ਪ੍ਰਿ ਵੈਡਿਂਗ ਅਰੇਂਜਮੈਂਟਸ, ਵੈਡਿਂਗ ਅਰੇਂਜਮੈਂਟਸ, ਪੋਸਟ ਵੈਡਿਂਗ ਅਕਟਿਵਿਟੀਜ
Type: ਕੋਰਪੋਰੇਟ, ਕਿਡਸ ਪਰਚੇਸ, ਲਾਂਚਸ, ਪਰਸਨਲ, ਵੈਡਿਂਗਸ

Business Description

Simplivent is a wedding planning and event management company providing a wide range of services. Their efficient team ensures that every event or project is a complete success. They also have a range of service apartments and luxury rooms with a large number of customers in various locations in Chennai. Be it a grand wedding or a corporate function, Simplivent will help your event succeed on every level. Areas such as contract administration, production based issues etc. that can become a real hassle are efficiently handled by Simplivent. This, in turn, makes it easier for you, the customer to concentrate on other aspects of your event. Regardless of the allotted size and budget of your event, Simplivent is a comprehensive and professional... View More

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