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ਡਾਕਟਰ. ਏਸ ਬਾਲਸੁਬ੍ਰਮਨਿਅਨ

 04424746226, 04424892599
51, ਆਰਿਆ ਗੌਵਦਾ ਰੋਡ, ਵੇਸਟ ਮਂਬਾਲਮ, ਚੇਂਨਈ - 600033, Tamil Nadu
ਬਿਸਾਇਡ ਏਚ.ਡੀ.ਏਫ.ਸੀ. ਬੈਂਕ


cash, credit card
Not Practicing: ਨੋ
Credit Cards Accepted: ਨੋ
Specialization: ਪਿਡਿਇਟ੍ਰਿਕਸ (ਚਾਇਲਡ ਸਪੈਸ਼ਲਿਸਟਸ)
Clinic: ਡਾਕਟਰ. ਏਸ ਬਲਸੁਬ੍ਰਮਨਿਇਨ ਕਲਿਨਿਕ
Specialization Other: ਏਨ.ਏ.
Veterinarian: ਨੋ

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User Reviews

He is the god for me he is taking care of my children for last 15 years he is the best i have never seen such a person in my life his way of talking to parents of the patients without scaring them even if my children have any complication the only word he says is nothing to worry
He is a Good Doctor and the people who said he is rude doesn't look the quality he provides but looks at the behavior of the doctor and gets cheated with other Doctors who behaves well and gives un necessary medicines. I really can't understand if the below people who commented on this doctor has brains.
Extremely sad to note these reviews by the readers. This Doctor is very good pedeatrician , the best now in Chennai. I sincerely believe the children of above parents got cured by him. It is very rare to find such a Doctor.
Yes, very rude guy. He doesnt even touch the kid while testing. He gives medicine but doesnt say what for the medicine is given. If you ask him the reason for the specific medicine, he asks the parents to get out ! The highlight is: He charges 250Rs without bill and Rs 300 with bill. This projects explicitly he is a cheater !! both legally and professionaly
This guy is very rude and never behaves properly with patients.. He got an attitude problem... Better to avoid this person.

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