Spar Hypermarket

Bannerghatta Road ,Bangalore
February 21, 2011 Rating
Hello Everyone The Store Manager of this place does not have basic sense of Customer Relationship Management. Last night I had tough time coping with the "shameless" fellow. Here is what actually happened: I picked up a surf packet from the shelf and went for billing. Unfortunately the Surf was leaking, so I kept it aside. The Cashier saw that and asked me to pay for it. I tried to explain that I did not notice that it was leaking when I picked it up from the shelf; and because it is damaged, I cannot take it or have it billed. The cashier started arguing and said that it was I whos has damaged the packet. This was ridiculous and thought that it was waste of my time in going into an arguement with the Casher. So I asked the cashier to call his manager. The Manager did not ask me about the matter, and talked to the cashier in his local language (which is a blunder in terms of sales and marketing: not using a common language). He also asked me to pay for the damaged packet. I was shocked and then explained him about the damaged piece and told him that I could never damage it myself and bring it to the cashier. Moreover, it was only a chance that I did not see that the packet was damaged while I was piicking it up. The manager Replied loudly on this "I also do not know...You might have damaged it at somewhere in market and brought it for billing...I can also say this to you". I then felt that "If the Store Manager himself doesn't have the sense of Customer Relationship management, it was futile to think about that Cashier or any other staff of this Store". Also, I noticed that the Enterance of the first Store has crokeries kept on empty boxes, half hanging from the base. I saw a customer breaking one of the plates as he touched the box while going downstairs. So folks, it is a complete shitty and freaky place to go and shop in this particular branch of SPAR. SPAR is an internationally known brand; but having these kind of staffs would not bring any laurels to the store but a BIG SHAME. Regards Shantanu.