Vrundavan Hospital

Mapusa ,Goa
July 20, 2011
had a very satisfying experience in this hospital few months ago. we had come from mumbai for a holiday in goa. my dad started experiencing severe pain in chest and almost collapsed on the beach. we rushed him to a nearby hospital where we were guided to this hospital. we were told that my father had suffered amajor heart attack. thankfully even late at night we had a interventional cardiologist there dr asawa madhususdan. he was one of the most emphatic and clear headed doctor i have met till now. he explained to us very calmly and made us understand what happend to my dad. it was so reassuring to see such a young doctor having such empathy and outlook towards pts. i have seen doctors who act so stupid and dont bother to explain anything. he then took my father for an emergency angiography and angioplasty after which my father was totaly ok. infact hewas discharged after 2 days. even my family doctor in bombay told us that he was surprised such skill was available in goa in small hospitals. we will always be grateful to dr aswa and vrundavan hospital for saving my fathers life.