Dr. Indu Kala

Basavanagudi ,Bangalore
June 13, 2012 Rating
Fantastic doctor. Well experienced. Knows to handle complicated gynaecological cases. Empathises wiith the patient. Preempts complications and handles cases extremely tactfully.

E-Inn Hotel

Bommasandra Industrial Area ,Bangalore
August 8, 2011
Great food. Lovely ambiance. Wallet friendly. Excellent customer service. Value for money buffet. Amazing spread as regards variety. Worth going again and again.


Koramangala 4th Block ,Bangalore
August 3, 2011
Stepped into Umerkot after reading couple of good reviews on the net and was totally disappointed. To begin with, the spread if very limited. For the amount of 325 plus taxes, it is not worth the price. Starters and desserts are on buffet, while the main course is served at the table. All well planned such that patrons do not eat much. As regarding the starters, the amount placed in the buffet counter is very little. For instance, if it is paneer tikka, you will find 6 to 8 tikkas in the serving dish. One feels hesitatant to take when so little is placed in the counter. Looks like all dishes are nearing exhaustion when the buffet has just started. The main course which is served at the table, is again limited. If you ask for rotis, they will serve 3 small rotis for a group of 4. And when you ask for more, the waiters look petrified. Looks like there is a target as to which server will wrap up a table by serving the minimum amount of food. Firstly, they do not educate the customer about the side dishes for the day. And even among them, one needs to take a pick. You cant really try all of them, like in a well organized buffet meal. The rice items are served in a small pot. This buffet is a farce. And the waiters are constantly hovering around the table, eager to clear plates, lest people eat more. Hardly any options for dessert. Kheer...Who wants to have kheer in a fine dine restaurant ? Some lifeless pieces of pastry, the tad too common jamoon and regular vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce and peanuts ( no cashews, mind u). Most of the food tastes stale too. Looks like they reheat the previous day's leftover food. Music they play in the background is depressing rather than lively. And the buffet closes at 3pm sharp. The waiters start reminding you at 2:30 itself to wrap up fast, as the buffet will close shortly. If you manage to cross the dot of three, no more food or desserts. Some customer patronizing indeed. At sharp three, the waiters start winding up, music is promptly switched off and lo and behold, the lights too go off. One can sit wondering in the dark as to what the Umerkot buffet experience is all about.... !!

Medha Ultrasound

Jaya Nagar 4th T Block ,Bangalore
July 26, 2011
Thoroughly unorganized is what Medha Ultrasound is all about. The doctors who run this place might be reputed, but they do not know to handle appointments..!! Despite having an appointment, every patient has to wait for a minimum of 3 to 4 hrs. I have stepped into this center couple of times due to my doctors recommendation and every time returned irritated and fed up with the treatment they dish out. Dr. Preethi venkatesh does not keep up to her time as well. The dr comes late and there's a mad rush post her arrival. Even after a new patient steps in, the dr is busy giving out notes of the previous patient for the assistant to type in. At the same time, another person tries to gather the previous history of the person undergoing the scan. It is totally messy. And the patient cannot take the liberty of asking any questions. Dr. Preethi venkatesh gets angry if she is asked any doubts. In fact she is pretty rude. Collecting the report, post the scan is another 2 hrs affair. I have now switched to another scan centre and a lot relieved. I find it soothing when the dr answers my queries about how the baby is doing.