Bhagini Palace Restaurant

Maratha Halli ,Bangalore
December 8, 2011 Rating
Horrible experience. Went there for lunch buffet after looking at the menu put at ground floor. During lunch we realized that lots of things were not the same as listed in the menu. Desserts were altogether different. When we asked for a discount, they mentioned that it cannot be provided as the bill is prepared. Though we mentioned during the lunch time itself that we are not ready to pay the full amount as the menu is not served properly. In between our discussion with a manager another manager jumped in and started talking in improper lanaguage. He went on to say that we are here for free food and he will not allow to leave us without paying the bill. He kept on repeating that everything is there as mentioned in the menu and we are creating ruckus in the hotel. Basically, the manager got the menu changed at the ground floor when we were in discussion with another manager. Such an unethical behaviour you will see at the Bhagini Palace resturant. And to add to that the written feedback we provided was almost thrown in garbage bin (our colleague noticed that) and the manger restrained from throwing it off. I am sure he would have thrown it after we left the resturant.