Fitness One

Domlur 2nd Stage ,Bangalore
July 16, 2012 Rating
I like it there. The bathrooms and changing rooms are clean and neat. the workout machines and mats are cleaned regulary and they leave me on my own to work out. I really really like that.

Tangerine Restaurant

Koramangala ,Bangalore
July 16, 2012 Rating
I quite liked it there :) the food is good as well.


Dickenson Road ,Bangalore
July 16, 2012 Rating
Well, when i went to book the place, the guy over there promised me that the b'day cake is going to be complimentary. He then asked me what they are supposed to write on the cake. I gave him the exact wordings and was waiting for my romantic dinner in the evening. Well when I arrived with my partner, the lady over there spoiled the whole surprise and said "yes! You have booked a seat here. You also booked a cake! I will have someone lead you to your seats". Arrrgh! I felt like strangling here. It was supposed to be a surprise! After dinner, the guy brought the cake and to my utter surprise, they wrote something completely different on it. - very disappointing! (After asking him he said..’ oh I thought madam “this” I thought “that” blah, blah, blaaaaah! ‘ ) When I got the bill I was even more shocked as I saw that they have charged me for the cake. On top of that Service tax, Service charge and VAT. A juicy bill of 3000 bucks. Really disappointed that they have charged me for the cake when they exclusively mentioned on the phone, it’s a complimentary birthday cake. On top of all that, they didn’t match the script I gave them to write on the cake.. I wouldn’t go there again!

Trendz Shoes

Commercial Street ,Bangalore
July 15, 2012 Rating
Tendy shoes, yes! --> But the shoes dont last! Cheap quality.


Magrath Road ,Bangalore
July 14, 2012 Rating
The guy(with the straightened hair) who is there to help is very friendly and helpful and that is only plus point. All the others are cunning and shrewd! The owner especially, has an attitude problem!!!!!!!! Cold and insensitive and doesn't keep the dress and the belts together and then, when asked, doesn't give even you the belt to it but gives a cold reply! OMG what an impolite guy. i wouldn't go there again!!!!!!!!

April 18, 2012
Very friendly and sincere doctor!