Kids Campus

Hanumantha Nagar ,Bangalore
April 19, 2012 Rating
I had a very bad experience with Kids Campus in Gururaja Layout, BSK 3rd stage run by one Mr. Nagarakshan. He claims he runs the Hanumanthanagar school also. He and his wife both are foul mouthed, don't have the basic training or patience in handling kids. No professionalism. The third day of school when I went to the day care to drop my son, says I should have called because their training is going on! And, then she ranted on and on about how my son was crying on the first day, wasn't answering any of her questions. She seemed to eager to drive home the point that my son has a serious learning disability; it didn't matter that she was with my child for just two hours!! When i tried telling her that he is doing fine in his regular school, she became offeneded, and started using very foul language unbecoming of a school/school teacher. Totally not the place for your child if you love your child!!