LG Service Centre

K.H Road ,Bangalore
April 22, 2012
My air conditioner is outof order and lodged a complaint with service center on 29/3. They promissed free service as a special case and some guy came after 4 days to look at the a/c. Said everything is fine after cleaning the filters. I asked him to wait for few minutes and cooling vanished. The guynsaid some capacitor has gone and will get it replaced from the center. No trace for 15 days. On 14/4 the capacitor was teplaced after numerable calls and the guy left when i was not at home collecting the cost of the capacitor. The a/c ia as it was earlier even after replacement. Again the same procedure. Call toll free number , ur complaint will be addressed in 24 hours. It is 100 hours after we were available at house but no trace of the technician. Waiting for his visit. Such is themcervice offerred by l g brands. A/c could not be repaired even after 25 days in mid summer. Imagine the service . It is our illfate tomhave purchased the l g appliance. Never ever recommed the brand to anybody.