StayWithUs ( MG Road )

Primrose Road ,Bangalore
July 15, 2015 Rating
Wonderful place !

Opus Restaurant

Palace Cross Road ,Bangalore
April 9, 2015 Rating
This review is from my visit a while back - 1 yr : 1. Pathetic food, 2. Bad Service, 3. Loud loud music (even after our multiple requests and the staff trying with DJ, no one could get the decibel levels in control) , 4. Dirty wash rooms I was shocked to death to see the state of this place. I used to visit here a few years back and it was a treat ... No sure what happened over the years but it was so unbelievably pathetic in all aspects that I cannot describe.. I have made a reservation 2 days in advance for a sunday brunch and they had a pottery workshop planned there for whole day which blocked more than half the place but the staff did not care to inform us about it when we booked. Plus when i checked on the buffet spread while booking I was told it is a spread of indian & continental . All that was there in the name of food ( and mind you it was a Sunday brunch) was white rice, some sort of orangish rice (God know what it was ) , 2 chicken curries, 2 veg curries and 1 variety of salad. And for dessert 'spread', there was vanilla icecream and brownie (quite a spread!) . Oh and not to forget there was a so called 'live pasta counter' which I could not try because when I asked the guy to make it , he (literally) grabbed the cooked noodles with his bare hands ( WOW!) 70% guests at the place ( there weren't that many anyways) were the friends of the music band guys , which by the way, took away the rest from a Sunday brunch experience by being absolutely bad and LOUD ! And all this for Rs 1200! Not cheap I tell ya! So that sums it up I guess .. My advice ( and I can vouch for my friends as well) : Best avoid the place !

The Olive Beach

Ashok Nagar ,Bangalore
April 9, 2015 Rating
We did a Birthday dinner here and , as always, loved the ambiance - the thing I keep going back here for! The food varies and is great sometime and ok at other but never bad I would say. For once, I ordered a mocktail ( Melon bull) and it was quite refreshing - I recommend it ! We feel the service could be better , servers more polite and attentive ! Cheers !


Vittal Mallya Road ,Bangalore
April 9, 2015 Rating
A frequent visitor to this place, I must submit a review :). I must have been here more than 10 times and never been disappointed a bit. Everything is just great about this place - the food beats any Italian in town .. the service is impeccable and the setting trendy, soothing and perfect for a lazy afternoon or an elegant evening!

The Only Place

Museum Road ,Bangalore
April 9, 2015 Rating
Have dined here many times and most recently this month . We prefer this place for a lazy afternoon lunch !Its got a nice semi-outdoor seating , good food and a general cheerful vibe to it which is what I like. For some strange reason it makes be feel like I am in a coastal place( read Goa!) ... :) . Do try it if you have not yet ! but be careful with the italian options as they sometimes taste like Indian:)


Dickenson Road ,Bangalore
April 9, 2015 Rating
Had dinner at Paparazzi and quite liked the place. We went there mainly to use our Food Lover's coupons but were pleasantly surprized ( well, I have dined here before but did not remember my experience. The food was really good ( tomato soup, Thai green curry , parmigiana melanzane ) and the service great. The restaurant is on the 10th floor and has a good city view as it is all glass walls. The music, lights etc. are all just right setting the mood right for a lovely evening ! Try it !


Koramangala 1st Block ,Bangalore
April 9, 2013 Rating
Awesome place .. short or long stays , u will love it..

Streisand Art India Private Limited

Indira Nagar ,Bangalore
August 12, 2012 Rating
Please be careful , rather avoid getting ur precious artwork framed at Streisand Art gallery if u can. I had been a frequent visitor here and used to have friendly conversations with all the staff here. Then once I gave them a very very precious ( 1. as it was a gift and 2. it was a rare photograph of Berlin Wall from 1980s from a popular Berlin photographer) photograph to gte framed. Guess what - they lost it !! Can you imagine - they lost a photo I got from Berlin as a gift! So I had to replace the photo with another one - obviously not the same and as beautiful i had earlier ( these things are unreplacable!) - incidently i was travelling to Berlin so was able to get a new one . Now I trusted them again ( I thot it was fair to give them another chance) and gave this one for framing there as well. They said they will deliver in 3 days at my place after framing. 6 days past and no sign of the photo or any comminication frm them. And then when i called them, they gave me a lot of attitude saying this transaction is turning out to be disappointing for them in dealing with me. They really had whatever it takes to say that after all that they did !!