Presidency School

R.T Nagar ,Bangalore
September 1, 2012 Rating
The above post from "FightInjustice" is accurate. The description of Kamalakshi, HM Amita, PT master Chandrashekar and Principal/Chairman Nissar Ahmed is true. There were others too. Couldn't have said it better myself. Thanks for taking time for posting such detailed description. I studied in the presidency school for 9 years and graduated from high school in the early 90s. Unfortunately I was a "weak" student then -- both physically and intellectually -- and had to bear the brunt of their wrath and abuse. Fortunately, I was later able to recover from the trauma and develop self confidence. Later, I completed grad and post-grad in engineering and am now employed abroad. What triggered off this recent interest was the 2013 alumni meet by someone named T. Senthil Kumar; it sounded shady to me because his emails sounded too desperate for money. I thought the abuse would have stopped by now but was shocked to see online that it has not. I think someone needs lead and take them to court -- at least for the sake of future kids. I am willing to contribute towards the expenses. A Former "weak" Student