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Big Bazaar

Old Madras Road ,Bangalore
November 4, 2012 Rating
As a American expat I thought great a store where I can get everything in one stop. It was my first and last time at big bazaar. It was like being in hell. First not enough parking, and attendants were disorganized and not very bright. Parking garage smelled like a sewer and rotting garbage. Inside there was no A/C or it was not working, not even a fan. It was extremely miserable. You have to pay for everything in different departments meaning you must stand in line in miserable conditions to check out. Then if you want the"gift", you have to go to three different places to get it after checking out, first to customer service , wher there is little to no service, then to get a bill, then back to customer service , then completely outside to luggage, to get gift. If I had known I would never have gone to this store.