National Electronics

Vadapalani ,Chennai
November 24, 2012 Rating
I am a resident of arumbakkam. I own a 29" BPL tv. There was a adisplay problem 8 months back and they immediatley responded when i called but they have circuit board and after taking it they didnt respond properly, atlast they have charged with 1400rs. and recently there was again display problem, when i called them they immediatley responded and came to home and have taken the circuit board, and when i enquired about the status of the repair they told that the technician is on leave and didnt respond properly and aftern 2 weeks another technician came and resolved the problem and charged 1450rs. when the technician left the home immediatley there was a problem with remote and when i called them they told the problem is with the remote and insisted me to buy a new remote. but even with the new remote the tv is working. without knowing what the problem they asked to buy a new remote. how can they insist without checking what the problem is? and when i again called them , they are saying that they will come after 3 days , just for 10 min work they are delaying and torturing the customers. this time i will see how they would respond and i will do what all i can do to them. please dont take the service of national electronics , its worst.....they immediatley respond when you call but when they take the component then the actual torture starts with them,,,,,,,