Vrundavan Hospital

Mapusa ,Goa
February 5, 2013 Rating
Dear all, I want to thank you for my treatment in your hospital 30th Jan to 2nd Feb 2013. My illness was (still is) a reasonably severe one, and I am grateful for the expertise of your personnel. My special thanks go to nurse Packia Selwam Nadar, whose genuine, heartfelt compassion was a great comfort to me - being a foreigner in a distant country with a serious health problem is not an easy thing to deal with. Packia's help in my difficult situation was of essential importance. I am not forgetting the great efforts of the rest of the staff, of course, but I would be very grateful if You, Dr. Naik, would convey my thanks to Packia personally. Having been both an employee and a boss myself, I know sincere thanks for a work well done will give great pleasure to both participants of that occasion! Yours truly. Juha Saikkonen, Tampere, Finland saikkonen.juha@gmail.com