Koramangala 4th Block ,Bangalore
April 8, 2013 Rating
Me and My husband visited Polynation yesterday and I swear..that would be the last place in Bangalore that I would like to go ever again.We ordered Veg Manchow soupe and while having it I realised that it had some pieces of chicken,i couldn't clearly identify it(being a vegeterian) and thus asked the waiter to see whta it is..he came and told us that he has to ask the chef(really!!! being in this job you cant say by looking what peice was it)...and took the bowls from the table..after somtime when nobody came back ,I went there sensing something fishy...and asked them upfront and they replied that is was mushroom.Then My hubby came and said..pls give us a bowl of manchow with mushromm and manchow with chicken....we would like to confirm if what you are saying is that point of time...he startd asking us to have a seat and he would get the bowls there ,but we didnt.Then some guy came who was CSAT manager I guess..We told him the scenario and he said...he will look into it. ...Thats when the first guy served the bowls with both soupes and I saw what he claimed to be mushroom was actually chicken.THE BAD THING ABOUT THEIR ATTITUDE IS THAT THEY LIED ,THEY COULD HAVE ACCEPTED THAT IT HAS HAPPENED BY MISTAKE BUT THEY INSTEAD TRIED MAKING FOOL OF US. I wouldn't have put such a review if they wouldn't have lied.THESE HOTELS TAKE SO MUCH OF MONEY FOR AMBIENCE,SERVICE TAX,AND THEY SERVE US WITHOUT ANY RESPONSIBILITY. I CAN SEE IN ONE OF THE REVIEWS MENTIONED ABOVE THAT ITS HAS HAPPENED BEFORE ALSO. Dear all, We should really BYCOTT such restaurants for NOT BEING TRUE TO THE CUSTOMERS.Any loss in their business would only teach them a lesson.