Sathyas Bar And Restaurant

Koramangala 3rd Block ,Bangalore
April 20, 2013 Rating
Well, I am rating this place as 1 because I can't know how to give -ve rating. I agree that the drinks are cheap; but the staff is pathetic. Particularly if you are going with girls I suggest or rather request dont go to Sathyas. I went with 3 of my friends; around 6 PM when there were only 7-8 ppl. Most of the tables were unoccupied; we took the sofa (the total seating capacity of the table was 6). Some really stupid and ill-mannered person asked us to sit on the other table (for 4 ppl). We said we'll move if someone comes but he refused and asked us to move to other table in his own illiterate manner. We asked him to call the manager; He went for sometime (meanwhile the rest of the staff joined him. They also wanted us to leave the table.); then he comes out and says we won't serve you unless you move to the other table. Ultimately we decided to leave. But while we were leaving, the staff became hostile and clearly they were speaking something which was not acceptable to us. One of us (of course angrily) asked them what they were speaking about; then Mr Manager comes out to join his brigade. We weren't surprise to see the manager talking in the same tone. We explained the complete incident but clearly he didn't care though he realized that it was his staff's fault. The only thing is these people know that their USP is cheap liquor and they are not going to lose any business. But I would only say if you want to spend a good evening you rather go to a place which gives you better service and hospitality even if they charge few extra bucks.