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Just Another Pub

Koramangala 7th Block ,Bangalore
December 6, 2009 Rating
Straight-forward, nothing spectacular, everything you want in a pub. There's a large screen to one side, where they place some decent rock videos and the terrace type feel is great for the evening. Don't get there too early though, or you'll be musically assaulted with radio friendly crap.

December 6, 2009
Definitely worth going down to. A tad pricy for the everyday, but the food and service do warrant it. Great selection and truer to its roots than most. The chef even promised a Laksa on demand if we return, so I shall head back there for that.

Cafe Thulp

Koramangala 1st Block ,Bangalore
December 6, 2009 Rating
The best burgers this side of Grill'd. I haven't tried anything but the burger here, but Moo's your Daddy? wears its name proudly. With a beef patty coming in at 400 grams, a really generous portion of bacon and other trimmings that get lost in the meat fest, this truly and simply wins.