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Kumarakom Restaurant

HSR Layout ,Bangalore
September 22, 2013 Rating
When 20 of us from office went for the Onam sadya, the so called unlimited meals even charged us the extra 13 papads(13*5) that we took, and the 4 bowls of curd(40*4) which they served us even without us having asked for it, where the curd is actually supposed to be a part of the Kerala sadya. Food was fairly good, but nothing exceptional for Rs.250/head. Service was HORRIBLE. 1. They kept plastic glasses, which flew away, whenever it became empty. 2. They never asked for second serving of any dishes. 3. They asked for second serving of rice only after we waited for long. 4. On asking for a rasam serving, they took 10 minutes. 5. Above all, even on reserving the table for 20, after reaching there, we had to wait for 1/2 an hour to get the first plate of side dishes+papad+chips served, and the last plate was served nearly 10 minutes later, only after which the rice, and dal were served. Ambiance was good, but truly not worth so much of hassles. I think my experience in Ente Keralam was much better, though the sadya charges there are on the higher side.