Sathyas Bar And Restaurant

Koramangala 3rd Block ,Bangalore
March 30, 2014 Rating
Service is pathetic, when we asked for chill beer, he served a light warm beer, even he didnt check with us before opening the beer. They all been watching movie at bar counter and for spoon, water, glass we need to call the waiter for each thing. he didn't even check if we got everything on the table. we were asked to order food at 3.00 as the kitchen would close, it took 15 to get our order (Roti and curry) and we started out lunch and at 3.30 we were asked to pay the bill during the middle of lunch as the chaser would leave the restaurant. we told them that we would pay after we finish our lunch as we were using our hand to eat. But the waiter (Naveen) was insisting to pay right away and he is showing the wash room direction. this was really unacceptable to ask the customer to get up during the middle of the lunch. We told waiter to inform the chaser to wait for 15 min, as we need to use the card to pay the bill were pin code need. The best part is they didn't show any hesitation to ask the customer to move out to feed the pin code when his hand was filled with food. Waiter: Naveen Bill No: 1363 Visited Date:21 March 2014