E-Zone Club Private Limited

Maratha Halli ,Bangalore
May 1, 2014 Rating
Dear Nitin this to get to your noticed Go Karting Is a hardcore adventures game where you have to understand such thing. The Karts you talking about are the best karts in Bangalore which no one can beat it. And talking about track length here so here We would like to bring in your knowledge this venue is recognized as a INTERNATIONAL VENUE to conduct a race for all leading brands like RED BULL, FORCE INDIA, LOUIS PHILIPPE, TOYOTA,MERCEDES BENZ, KTM, BAJAJ, BMW and many more.We have an Electronic lap counting which starts Lap counting from 0 TO 5 which is 6Laps and we have an electronic Timer which is import from Australia, hope here on all your doubts and confusions regards to kart and timer have been cleared. Now regards to your waiting our track in charge very clearly mentioned to you we wont allow you as at same time the racing was going on in spite of telling no you were standing in our waiting area which is not our concern after 40 minutes you came again and requested our track in charge to send us then his reply was that we will send you individually and you were the person who agreed for it.