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December 2, 2014 Rating
P.SETHU SESHAN 2ND DECEMBER,2014 I am a student of this school from the year 1956 to 1960. Yesterday I attended CHRISTMAS FUNCTION FOR ALUMNI with my class mate Mr VIVEK CHRISTIAN ( retd Asst. General manager from SBI). We entered that compound with all happy memories of our school days. I really feel that our progress in our life (I am also happily retd asst gen. manger from IOB)was due to correct guidance given by teachers like Rev .Christadoss, Gnanasundaram, S.Sundaranar,Arthur Jesudaiyan, PT Master Janakiraman& etc... (I am only mentioning the names which came to my mind immediately). We were very much unhappy to note the main building in which we spent most of our time was missing . It was reported that the building had developed lot of huge cracks which forced the authorities to demolish the same. But in the meeting we were informed that they are on the job constructing similar structure shortly. One more good news which thrilled us was our school is going to complete 300 years in 2016. My suggestion to authorities concern is we should invite either our PM or President our country for that function since it was rarest occasion in the history of schools