Dollars & Pounds

Adyar ,Chennai
February 19, 2010
Hi, I am a regular customer of Dollars & Pounds and wanted to inform that I had bought a watch from Dollars and Pounds (Adayar Branch) and they had given me a guarantee of 6 months. The very next day I had a small problem with the watch and I had returned the watch for servicing. They had asked me to come in 3 days. When I got back after 3 days I found out that they still had not sent it for service and when I asked for the reason I did not get a proper response and their service towards customers was also very poor. When I asked my money back they asked me to take some other item which was worth that much. When I come to buy a watch what I require is a watch and not something that is worth a watch. I assume whoever reading this mail would be sensible enough to understand my situation and help me on this. I am still within the guarantee period. Expecting a reply on this issue.