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Krishna Theatre

K.R Puram ,Bangalore
March 10, 2010
As a boy born and bought up in Bangalore....I spent most of my child hood spilling all my pocket money in this theatre for my entertainment...And its one of the oldest theatre in Bangalore and Good for its entertainment for very less amount

Wonder La

Mysore Road ,Bangalore
March 10, 2010
ITS Better to forget that you were on land for one complete day and you have entered into a Water land. But its a must visit place in Bangalore and remember to visit it as soon as the day begins and A day at Wonder La will have your bones rattling and mind spinning make it sure that you will Shake a leg at the Rain Disco or scream your guts out on the dizzying dry and wet rides at Wonder La

March 10, 2010
Its a weekend HUB here in Lumbini gardens in the weekend and a good outlet with the family....Enjoy the Boat ride with a splash of water on our faces and a good chats ends our weekend

Garuda Mall

Magrath Road ,Bangalore
March 10, 2010
Garuda mall is one of the mall i like to face at. For our weekend movies and its contents such as SCARRY HOUSE, Amoeba and INOX sets Up a good mood to relocate myself


East Of Kailash ,Delhi
March 10, 2010
Iskcon is one of the outstanding temple in bangalore according to me, By visiting the temple i get peace of mind, joy of living, and a festive look all set for free...........