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Samsung (Head Office)

Gurgaon Sector 31 ,Gurgaon
August 10, 2016 Rating
Dear Samsung Head Office: would your company be interested in a $30 billion dollar industrial project which would involve every known Samsung Group division and affiliated company known to exist-it would be based in Northumberland County and it would involve shipyards, power plants, one mine, two harbours, a marina, several Samsung stores at our local mall, a new hospital, a new nuclear reactor refinery plant, several dozen computer, appliance, and microelectronic semiconductor component factories and plants, and other industrial ventures. I would need a letter of interest and intent from the Samsung Group consortium Board of Directors showing a interest in this project which would also include a new CN GO Transit Rail line from Oshawa to Kingston and Ottawa and a Samsung Canada Everland resort and amusement park located at Golden Beach Resort located up at Rice Lake, north of Cobourg-interested Samsung?