Kumarakom Restaurant

HSR Layout ,Bangalore
September 14, 2016 Rating
Onam Sadhyas - a much awaited event in my life - was a complete disappointment at Kumarakaum HSR Layout. As soon as we reached at 12.40 the Usherer informed us that there was a 20 minute wait time which was promising since I had not made a prior booking. My 75yr old mom, 5 yr old daughter and I, were extremely excited about the Sadhya. We were even happy that they had a waiting room in the 4th floor. However, we soon realized that it was 1.20 ( waiting time: 40 minutes ) and my daughter was famished and complaining! While we watched bigger groups who arrived after us being sent to the 1st floor where the food was served, we were kept waiting. We were then asked to go and just wait in the 1st floor, which we did and I thought common sense would prevail and they would give preference to a group that had a small child, instead the usherer there seemed to give preference to bigger groups. In fact many people who came after us got seated. At 1.45 we were finally allotted a table and just as were waiting to be served, we were asked if we could get up and give room to another big group. Of course, it was the last straw! I had to literally raise my voice and tell him that my 5year daughter had been waiting for 1 hour! The bad experience completely put me off and I am sorry to say that the Sadhya didn't seem to taste of any!!! What I did taste was a very bitter experience.