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Manipal Hospital

HAL Airport Road ,Bangalore
November 15, 2016 Rating
My 7 month baby is suffering from urological disorder which very few doctors can treat and manipal hospital had one such doctor. so I had to visit the hospital second time even after I had bad experience in first one. If I had a second best option of doctor I would have surely gone for that hospital. The nursing staff are very inefficient in handling small babies. My baby was pricked in all possible places just to put a canula for iv antibiotic. they did not even notice swelling in the hand after 3 days of admission. it was me who saw the same and informed these pathetic nurses. My baby's hands were swollen so badly and when I told the senior staff they were defending their staff which was really bad. Please do not take your baby to this hospital if have another hospital option. they are only money minded .