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Jaya Nagar 9th Block ,Bangalore
May 11, 2010
My 2nd visit to this place and it helped me make up my mind not to go there again. I ordered Tari Vada pau. The first impression of vada was complete dark brown from which anyone can feel it was fried multiple times and was not fresh. When I cut open the vada, it was clear that it was not fresh. The aalu stuffing was getting easily separated from the coating which just shows it was not fresh. And all this unhygenic tari vada pau comes at an exhorbitant price of 45 rs. The glass of butter milk was more disappointing. It was sour to the extent that I had to return it back. This was also a clear not-fresh kind of thing. I am surely not goint there again to put hygene at stake.....

Goli Vadapav

Koramangala 5th Block ,Bangalore
May 4, 2010
Tried with GOLI vada pau @ Koramangala and Jayanagar outlets and the review is same for both the outlets. This chain is rather of a different kind of Vada Pau. GOLI is not just the name, but it stands for the typical patty type vada that they use in vada pau. The patty are frozen and then they custom deep fry it on order. Patty are not like the conventional vadaa but have a texture similar to the coating in KFC chicken. Pau(bread) is also not the conventioal square bun, but a similar one in bigger size. At present they have a very limited variety of vada pau which includes; regular, schezwan & palak makkai. You can also upgrade all these to a cheeze version where they will put a cheeze slice in vada pau. Apart from vada pau they also have few more things like veg cutlet pau, sabudana vada and a light snack called gappad. I thoroughly did not like anything apart from the three versions of vada pau. Ratings :- Taste (2.5/5) :- Where the vada pau variants deserve 4/5, the other extra items just bring the average down to 2.5. Quality(3/5) :- Where the vada taste really fresh as they are custom deep fried, the bread at both the places seemed to be old by a day or two as they were breaking and crumbs were coming out. Ambiance(2.5/5) :- There is nothing great in ambiance, its like any other take-away eatery. Hygene(4/5) :- Need to give credit to hygene. Counters are clean. Boys wear plastic gloves. They have also kept insect killer light. Value for money(2.5/5) :- A nice big vada pau at 17 rs is an Ok take. But the higher versions which go beyond 30 rs are definitely on a higher side when you take into account the taste and quality. Over-all its a nice place when you want some change in your snack.


Jaya Nagar 9th Block ,Bangalore
April 5, 2010
Got to visit this place today for lunch with my Wife. From the looks this place feels to be below average, even many of the "darshini"s might be cleaner and more appealing. But its a must go place for all the North Indian food lovers, especially the Gujjus and Marathis. The menu is a nice combination of Gujju+Marathi food. It has misal pau and shrikhand puri... and that also of the taste matching to the actual taste. Pau bhaji was nice and tasted fine. Poha was tasty but little hard -- seemed to be re-heated in microwave oven. There were palak thepla.. Hmmmm "thepla" a word no gujju can ignore... Over all an average place serving nice and tasty food. Should surely visit once to visit frequently. A word of advice for the owners - please keep the place & the waiters little bit clean. The place most of the times remain dirty and looks unhygenic also the guyz working remain dirty.