Fava-The Mediterranean Restaurant

Vittal Mallya Road ,Bangalore
September 3, 2010 Rating
3.5 stars - does not allow me to give that 1/2 star. Service was ok but not great. Appetizers were good - veggie platter and probably the best part. Everything was good to great and the goat cheese was really, really good. Their red pepper based soup was more like a mildly spiced tomato soup - none of that classic sweetness and richness of red peppers. Main course - the pumpkin and apricot skewer/kabab was good, the accompanying sauce not that great (don't oreder this if you don't like sweet foods). Finally desert was the baklava - very average, the pastry was not flaky the filling not moist, it was a cominbation of nuts (not the mostly walnut or the persian style of predominantly pista). The bad part there were some walnut shells and teh pastry just did nto have multiple layers. It was ok if you did not think about it as a baklava (and yes could not get the honey or the persian style sweetened rose water flavor either). ASR


Cunningham Road ,Bangalore
May 12, 2010 Rating
Always a good place to go. Their food is freshly prepared, tasty and the service courteous and prompt. They are happy to customize the dishes (less salt/oil/ghee and the like). Their breads are tasty especially the pudhina and methi paratha. Our (the Mrs being the other part of our) favorites - corn bhel, Khairee paneer, subzi methiwala and moong daal halwa (with our without ice cream).


Race Course Road ,Bangalore
May 12, 2010 Rating
Good service, their buffet is on rather late but we once managed a special at a more regular dinner time. Like their salads and their pizza. The Indian food is rather so-so and if you are vegetarian (green dot style - as in no eggs) - the choice of desserts is rather limited. If you are going to order ala-carte and like couscous/middle eastern/moroccan style stews - the vegetarian tagine is certainly worth having - you may want to ask the chef to go easy on the butter in the couscous or better yet - use olive oil (don't know if they can do that but should ask). Wait staff are efficient courteous and prompt - add to it the outdoor seating, it's a nice place to go especially earlier in the evening/night as the crowd shows up late.

100 Feet Boutique Restaurant

Indira Nagar ,Bangalore
May 12, 2010 Rating
Prompt service, helpful staff with pretty good food. A little on the cheesy side for vegetarian dishes but you can always pick a little carefully. My wife and I are looking forward to going back for the Wednesday special - citrus couscous caught our eye.