Java City

Lavelle Road ,Bangalore
February 24, 2009
A place where I've spent hours that may add up to be half my teenage life (if not more), and still can't seem to get enough of. Tons of people walk in and out, sit down and watch the world pass by. A refuge bang in the center of town. The coffee is great, the service bad and the management that just couldn't care less about you making your payment. Love the place and hope it never ever changes. Get on to facebook and there is a whole community that people join in coz they love the place.

Pecos Pub

Rest House Road ,Bangalore
February 24, 2009
Picture this... mid-morning class - you bunk it, make your way over to Brigade Rd, park your bike on Rest house road and walk over to Pecos... Don't let the bad pavement and spiral stair case throw you off (yet).. walk in and I gurantee you, you're listening to a classic riff by Hendrix, The Doors, Steely Dan, Jimmy Page, Steve Morse or Keith Richards.. the list is endless. Walk over to your favourite table and be welcomed by the friendly waiter who always recognises you (and your order)... whats better? They always seem to carry the lighters on them. The dosa-chicken curry is to die for. Beer and complementary pop corn... and watch them juggle a pitcher of beer, 4 mugs, popcorn and a bowl up and down the spiral staircase, put it on your table, pop it open with just one hand and still remember to lite your ciggie!!! No wonder we always go back... (or better yet, never leave).

Purple Haze

Residency Road ,Bangalore
February 24, 2009
Easily my favourite pub in all of Bangalore. They've got it right and they stick to it. Try getting a table there on a saturday and you'll know what I'm talking about. I've spent most of my college days (and nights) guzzling down local beer, munching on the peanut masala (affordability issues) and listening to their playlist over and over... The waiters are friendly, and hey where else would you find waiters (who hardly speak any english otherwise) know the lyrics to Iron Maiden, Metalllica and Linkin Park better than the customers?!?!? Love it, miss it...