The Grill House

Indira Nagar 2nd Stage ,Bangalore
July 25, 2011 Rating
Drive on 100feet Road towards Old Madras Road turn left on first road after the 12th main junction - that would be the road going past the Ambedkar College towards Cambridge layout . You can see it on your right on the first floor about 150 meters down the lane . It is a no frills food only restaurant with comforatable seating , kid freindly ambience .It plays good music and offers some superb food . I was really surprised that they did not have a large crowd or much of rush on the day of visit - either peole do not know they have expanded their space - from a smaller dingy one they had earlier or that they do not have a bar - but this place is going to do well in the future - I hope it does and stays .!!!! The grilled food which we took on sizzlers were just fabulous , we tried the- Garlic pepper steak , Chicken steak , Chicken stroganoff , Mexican Grilled pork spare ribs and every item was just great . I went there with reluctance as the group of mine was a mixed one with varied taste options with my extended family who wanted Indian or rather comfortable with it , visitors, in laws family from US who wanted to try the locally avaible Grilled Steaks and so on - and yes we all were very impressed. The Grill house Team there also were exhibiting a very welcoming attitude , - breads on table on time , extra sauces as though reading our mind and all smile interactive service when needed and leaving us alone when not required .It was an evening well spent in a very comforable ambience ...the price is value for money -hovering around Rs 250/- for the main courses . A dinner for two including dessert would not be more than 700/- ours for 10 of us plus 4 kids was 3100/- but our desserts which many of us skipped was just ice creams ..oh yes we did try out a starter to Buffalo Wings ..a bit spicy here but tasty no doubt. A must visit for Grilled food lovers .

Bflat And Highnote Bar And Dining

Indira Nagar ,Bangalore
July 4, 2009 Rating
Lively ,pleasant Ambience partly open air lovely music , candlelight night dining expereine full stocked bar and a splendid menu . Yes the price for some of the drinks & food may be a bit expensive but it sure is value for money for the overall experience . Its for not families with small kids - it would spoil your experience and those of others avoid. We tried out the starter of Satay Chicken and Corn on Toast then I tried the Oreintal Grilled fish freinds a Veg Dish similar to a stroganoff ,and a Chicken ..followed with desserts of Chocolate Mousse , Caramel Custard and another tried the Rabbadi it was all perfect . The Main Courses are priced at around 250 and starters at 175 ..try the place it its worth the experience.

Sree Nandhana Palace

Domlur ,Bangalore
June 19, 2009 Rating
No its not another Andhra joint ..I am not selling the place but do try. The service is less pushy , more attentive and the place looks good ..unlike others in this category which Shouts "please eat and go - we need more turnover ". Food is good its not the Leaf Thali its a proper Metal thali and portions are great. Do try the Non Veg Thali - I tried the Mutton Rs 155 /- Value for money , wife diid try the Veg that too was good . The A la carte items ordered by other tables by the look and reaction seemed good too should try it out sometime later.

Pizza Hut

Domlur ,Bangalore
June 19, 2009 Rating
Would recommend that you don't go there just to eat Pizzas alone but for lunch or dinner with family - kids .Pleasant ambiance the team in this place is good ,gets you seated straight ,wins over your kid with a pleasant offer of a balloon ...and every one around staff seem very busy, friendly , attentive and lively . They have the usual bell/gong to ring at the door if you are happy with your meal /experience ..and the chorus Thank you ..was very nice and had genuineness in it. The food is good tried pizzas , salads, pastas ..but would prefer if the made the dressings a bit more wet / sauce. Only one issue might be taken as negative by some would be that the steward on ordering will tell you that it would take XX Minutes - as directed by the management - but then this I suppose is that to avoid people who order late then want food in a rush ..but believe me food does come well in time . Its nice experience for kids family outing . Re Cost my two+ 1 kid came to about Rs.600+ but they do have deals which you can close with close to 400/-. Recommended Try it ..but you may get stuck with it 6 year commented -" why don't we every Saturday ..... ..these guys know to win the kids over :)

Tangerine Restaurant

Koramangala ,Bangalore
May 19, 2009 Rating
The place says "Sizzlers and more" . Go for the” more” stick to Pasta and Salads . The main courses are overpriced and not even authentic . The chicken Sizzler I ordered for was par boiled and not even appeared to have seen the grill. At the prices you would expect the breads , dressings , butter to come with it - sorry you will be disappointed - no its not just mine but all tables had the same problem . The service is pleasant but faulty - order mixed up and when it gets a crowd there appears to be a chaos. The ambience is all that they have and of of course the price gives them the exclusivity which may confuse the client . Located in posh area they somehow seem to have thrived . Avoid if you can there are numerous better options for Continental Fare.


Sadashiva Nagar ,Bangalore
April 14, 2009 Rating
Ambience nice youthful .."happening "as people obsessed with the Happening Tag make it so ....but to sit on Stone Slabs Open thatched setting - make believe - sip drinks and measly snacks -all over priced its a bit too much of a Con Job. The staff too are high handed have been there twice the difference in the visits was apparent - they appear to do you a favour not service depending on who u are with !

April 6, 2009
Superb !!! Yes initially the place does give the appearance of a pseudo Cafe out to con the unwary client but once you go thru the food ,service and the ambience youll find -its really worth visiting . The kicthen does make a effort to make each dish a masterpiece - presentation is superb and the taste fresh and fantastic . I cannot recall the name of the dishes but what we did try out was a Pasta - tomato & basil sauce , a chicken & cheese roll - yes it had lots of other fillers too came with a small salad & fries and a dip and a dish freid chicken boneless cannot exactly name ..all the dishes were excellent the bill for the three was around 450/- a bit on the higher side - but you leave feeling happy .There are seating on the out side and lounge type on the inside do try !!Its a contemprorary setting .

Millers 46

Vasanth Nagar ,Bangalore
March 10, 2009 Rating
Superb ....The experience was just great ....the people know their job !!! They welcome you warm but a bit casually if the restaurant is not full (but then you must go early for that ) however when you have decided your table you find them right beside you to help you get seated. Maitre de / Manager keeps tab and if your steward is not around - someone right there to attend -impeccable service warm and friendly . Every table seemed to have some sort of a rapport with the service team which was excellent but not obtrusive . Food was perfect they do make changes for items the way you want it - plus portion are good and the moment you are seated the bread basked and butter is placed -star class . I had the Grilled Pork Spare Ribs with Barbecue sauce which was heaven and my wife had the Chicken Steak with Rice , daughter a child meal of Pasta. It was all great and they do have good accompaniments all fresh and tasty . The price is Value for money - me being cost conscious can say it was worth it spent a meal for two and child + beer was about Rs 750 which i felt was well spent.

Roomali With A View

Indira Nagar ,Bangalore
February 6, 2009 Rating
Tried the Buffet there - its good .Yes it does not lok like a large spread but its got more stuff than many other who know how to better lay out a Buffet make theirs look like larger r spread. Well its got two Non Veg ,5 Veg , Biryani ,Rice and the Breads , Four Salads and a Soup ,three /four desserts ....but what is available is well made AND that makes the difference. Added attraction is that there a cook at the Buffet counter who in Pizza Flinging Style Keeps tossing the Roomalis - served hot at your table. The service team is well trained to be courteous and enuff supervisory staff to back up and pamper . Would recommend you go a bit early -if for dinner - Crowd build up is little noisy and rushed at the counter.

Cafe Max

Indira Nagar 1st Stage ,Bangalore
February 6, 2009 Rating
Simple Cafe ...but please be a Continental Food Lover - when I say Continental not the Internatinally done up Conti taste but a more of Home ( Europe ) Based Continental . Food is wholesome but not the very tasty done for us more us masses by the Casa Picola guys this is more for the German learners of the Institute above which it is located. . Yes the pies and Breads are diffrently good .The soups are good too ...a bit high on the wallet ....but then its a nice calm ambience - so I assume its included.

Nagarjuna Restaurant

Indira Nagar ,Bangalore
February 6, 2009 Rating
Another Run of the mill Andhra Restaurant ...seeing the large crowd waiting might make you vote for in favour but in reality its got nothing more than a average to good " Meals " and a few good Chicken dishes. Whats more regretable is that- you will only find out if only you decide to order many items across the Menu....That they like many other Andhra Joints prepare only a Few and sell it under many headers -as the closest replica of the Name on the Menu.We ordered Chicken 65 - he gaves a plain fireid chicken three measly pieces full of Bone and clarified that its their "Style".Service needs some rework with a Non Unifrmed person apparently their MD I am told -very obviously giving instructions to staff to rush the orders , clear tables for the next cutstomers...almost a la MTR ..should not they open a Andhra Darshini if turnover was their concern I agree with the Style of eating on Plaintain Leaf but where did the Plastic Glasses come from ??? Would sugesst you stick to Meals & Andhra Chilli Chicken..Biryani is not always consistent and more often than not the Mutton is undercooked. .

Casa Piccola Restaurant

Indira Nagar ,Bangalore
December 16, 2008 Rating
Nice stroll in place but not as wayside italian Road Cafe feel as the one they have on Residency road.Food has always been upto the mark and prices are still far below the places that offer you similar quality and taste. You have a variety to choose - that is a whole some meal or Soup Broth and Breads or Salad and breadrolls. Only place which I have seen never short in Dessert or their displays .Worth visiting time and again specially if you have young kids - very casual ambience and freindly service ...typical old Bangalore feel .!!

December 16, 2008
An ambience - I would say -" a go between a family weekend restaurant and fine dining one .A wide range of far eastern spread on the menu .People who visit this place should know or learn to appreciate Thai food - as thinking its a regular Chinese sort of a place or expect similar taste - might not appreciate the effort by the kitchen . The food all items have a certain amout of freshness to it .Do seek to help to order so that you do not get similar flavoured ingredients across your starters and main courses. The service is excellent ,attentive makes you feel welcome checks on the food and takes care not to be obtrusive. The team their led by a person called Shane seem to love their job and ensure equal attention is given to all tables . Worth a visit and more if you like far eastern cuisine and you are sure to repeat even if the price for an average meal for two could come to about Rs 800/- .Beer is about 120/- for a small one .I personally I recommed stick to beer as it goes well with the food there.The do have a lounge bar upstairs just incase you want to check out - I did not maybe next time??

Domino's Pizza

HAL Airport Road ,Bangalore
December 13, 2008 Rating
Do Not Go there Pizzas are good - but pricey though - but when you visit they are a confused lot they act too busy do help you in selection and seem preoccupied with work behind the counter . Please order from Home .

Hotel Imperial

Residency Road ,Bangalore
December 13, 2008 Rating
Living of past glory and Five items Chicken Kabab ,Ghee Rice ,Parotha ,Brain Fry,Sherwa .....Staff and Management attitude and hostile body languge and the language ( if you understand - mocking most guests ) is hard to miss. Surving sheerly of ability to keep open late and the patronising of old Bangaloreans who repeat with fond memories of yesteryear when they used to allow you to bring in your own booze.

Chung's Pavilion

Indira Nagar ,Bangalore
December 13, 2008 Rating
Nice place but they could do a bit about the ambience ...table cloth tidiness and add foyer as the door being opened often effects the cosy feel . Definitely not a "Fine dining ambience " but a nice family sort of a place , food is good but BEWARE the portions are large so check out the neighbours table before you order . Go in a group of Four at least ..adults so you can try out the range ...avoid the Freid Rice Varieties its got a very boring buttery tang , Chopsueys are great so are most of the other stuff ...good for an early dinner or lunch as most of the meats even in the gravies come with batter so you end up with a stuffed feel. Worth a try.

Barbeque Nation

Indira Nagar ,Bangalore
December 13, 2008 Rating
Great Place ,Ambience and concept ideal place to entertain can have your drink and snacks come on table starters - so no need to place orders for that then follow up the dinner - a buffet . The package now 450/+ might look big but any other place with similar ambience if you order snacks dinner and dessert will work out more ...this place gives you control buddy ... no way your guest going beserk and a leaving you with a hole in your wallet . A Fine dining ambience a multicuisine spread woth it try ..then you surely will repeat entertain at least ...(check the reason given . )The liquor too is not too steep to criib least the beer was not !

Wanley Restaurant

Indira Nagar 1st Stage ,Bangalore
December 12, 2008 Rating
Neighborhood Chinese dinner joint ambiance -no frills . Wide choice of meats – which some top rung places avoid ...such as pork . Food is tasty and have a certain degree of freshness with sauces having their identity kept intact. Dishes are whole some – unlike some other places which batter fry many of their meats to look sizeable in their presentation.. Recommend the Chinese food lovers to try this as there is a strong Chinese flavor original presence lingering - only mildly altered by Indian taste buds – please do not ask them to make it spicy etc as it would confuse the cooks – just let the dishes roll .Dishes to try – all soups are okay – Pork Roast in all gravies or straight in its own sauce- and Prawns in any dry preparation. Please do not ask for spring rolls - most of the times it will be not available ....there is some technical rush hour problems .

Treat Restaurant

Indira Nagar ,Bangalore
November 15, 2008 Rating
The food is good but the service , ambience .......for that price SUCKS. Yes -but then I would rate their mutton Kheema Masala & Dal Makani as simply superb - would suggest you take home the parcel and buy your rotis elsewhere !!!!

Danny Lambas Punjabi Dhaba

Indira Nagar 1st Stage ,Bangalore
November 15, 2008 Rating
It is the only place around which serves good quality food at an excellent price - provided you are with family and respect the owners attitude of" no nonsense & no compromising on alcohol " -which people expect from a place with a similar ambience. All dishes are NOT rooted to the same gravy and effort is made by the cooks that dishes rolled out have distingiushing flavours- which places catering to a similar clientele do not have.Stick to the Punjabi and you will not be dissapointed and have on repeated visits noticed that earlier you reach less rushed the orders are and better the taste- there are good combo dishes which are reasonable and do try the Dal Makni , Rajma ,Butter Chicken , Achari Murgh. Of course the owner is at the counter with ensuring every dish comes out at least looks good and may not be effusive- I suppose his food speaks .