Zero G

Residency Road ,Bangalore
July 17, 2010
If you are a foreigner or go with a small group of people better avoid this place. It is quite likelly that you will be beaten or thrown out by security if somebody will dislike something. Don't expect any coherent explanation for the behaviour of security or management after - you will be always wrong anf they will be always right. It happened for bunch of foreign nationals working in one software comapany in Bangalore to visit that place. So on two separate incidents two guys were attacked by groups of local visitors and security without even investigating what happened just threw people out. In one case guy said to a girl that appared bored "you looked bored?" that was enough for some guy to come to him and start hitting him in the face (at least five times). Security the beaten guy out. After the club closed and we confronted the management about this incident manager just kept on shouting that we don't know local traditions and americans are too friendly and other jibberish of that sort. Maybe it is considered a taboo to ask any women any question in the club, but then security should at least hear both sides and solve a conflict instead of siding with somebody. Another case was when one guy took a beer from the table that he though was his. Other people considered that it was theirs. And 5+ people attacked one guy. Again security sided with those who have more people in the group and threw a guy out. It is wort to mention that before all these incidents each person from our group payed 1000 to come to the bar to celebrate birthday and later spend more money on drinks. none of the people were violent and none of them responded violently to the attacks. Later when we confronted management about these incidents their argument was that we dont know local culture, that americans (or anyone else for that matter) are too friendly, that the guy that got beaten up was hitting on many girls in the bar and the one that took his beer from the table tried to do it 4 times :) Yeah right. Just to give you a flavour what to expect in Zero-G. There are many other clubs in bangalore don't waste your time and money and get your evening ruined. it is safer elsewhere.