Gud Dhani

BTM 2nd Stage ,Bangalore
August 15, 2009 Rating
Excellent North Indian fare with mix of Punjabi and Rajasthani fare. Liked the Thali with Roti, Sabji and Dal. Also a cup of Kadi made it really good. Dal Bhati Churma was also very tasty and sumptuous. The price is correct for the service and ambience. More like a Garage setup with bamboo furniture et. al. I could see may people picking up there takeaways.

Papa John's Pizza

Murugesh Palya ,Bangalore
February 16, 2009 Rating
It was great to eat Papa's pizza after a long break. The last one I had in US in 2003. The pizza taste is distinct due to it's soft base and the sauce. Also the original breadstick with dips was superb ! My daughter indicated that this was the best pizza she had compared to the Corner, Hut, Dom's.... The ambience suits families with kids and staff is friendly. The challenge is parking. Do not go in a big car as the side parking can take in small vehicles only.

Ragoos Restaurant

Jaya Nagar 6th Block ,Bangalore
December 29, 2008
I completely agree with Birla. Their pizza is the best. I usually get bored with the Pizza Hut and corner stuff. Reminds me of the street corner small pizzerias in US. We have made it a practice to order from them at our office and home. I would love this place to survive for long.


Lavelle Road ,Bangalore
December 29, 2008 Rating
Firstly I would say the ambience is excellent. There was no crowd and hence it was just great. Almost like a private party. People who like to experiment with food will like the place. Good twists to usual fare. The portions we good. The idea of serving a sorbet (On the house) after starters was a good idea. The starters were excellent. Finally closing with a good chocolate was a great idea.

Cafe Masala

Brigade Road ,Bangalore
June 12, 2008 Rating
Good ambience. Has live music outside and a separate enclosed section with AC. Food was good though the menu was very standard (no surprise dishes). Service can be improved. The valet parking available is helpful during rush hours as it is on top of Eva Mall.

March 12, 2008
Place is very small and the tables are too close to each other. The food is very authentic italian. Cheese spread was excellent. The staff is patient and knowledgeable. The servers should get the bottle of wine and pour in front of the customer. Kindof feel cheated if it is done at backroom.

Gramin Restaurant

Koramangala 7th Block ,Bangalore
March 12, 2008
The quality and taste of the food has definitely gone down after their expansion. Earlier it was rated as no. 1 for North Indian food but now it would be very mediocre. Thandai was good.


Koramangala 4th Block ,Bangalore
March 12, 2008
Food was very average fare. Actually very bland for the food type, kind of catering for the foreign crowd. The staff experience was also not very good in terms of their knowledge of the food or recommendations etc. Place is spacious but lacks any special touch or theme. Would not recommend if someone looking for good North Indian food.