November 25, 2007
Would almost miss this place if you were'nt looking for it. Run by a typical Punjabi family - parathas are out of this world. definetely better than the more known place off comm street.


Cunningham Road ,Bangalore
November 25, 2007 Rating
Lovely place for tea and food. Knowledgeble waiters and prompt service. Prices are just right to make it a wee bit upmarket, but well worth it.

A & S Inc

Lavelle Road ,Bangalore
November 25, 2007 Rating
probably B'lore's best kept secret in fashion. the prices here are rock bottom - especially for the women. And these are supposedly export surpluses. Funny partis that I couldn't spot any 'seconds' type mistakes in the clothes


Koramangala 4th Block ,Bangalore
November 25, 2007 Rating
First off - this is not an i-talia. its just a great place to have italian food - simple and full of flavour. The best part I liked about it is the serving sizes- just right for one person (maybe a liiiitle more). the pasta's are fresh, done just right and with the right amount of sauce - not dripping in white maida sauce. Try their tortellini - absolutely gorgeous flavour. Slightly on the pricier side, but well worth it. Has valet parking, so dont need to worry about parkinng even though its right at the Sony world junction