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இடர்னல் எக்சபிரெஷன் டாடூ எண்ட் பியர்சிங்க் ஸ்டுடியோ Owner Verified Listing

உடல் கலை ஸ்டூடியோக்கள்
Best Tattoo Artist in Bangalore and top 5 in India : Source - GQ India
91, ரிச்‌மண்ட் ஆர்.டி., அஷோக்‌-நகர்‌, பெங்களூர் - 560025, Karnataka
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Piercing: யெஸ்
Mehendi: நோ
Tatoo: யெஸ்

எழுது விமர்சனம்

பயனர் விமர்சனங்கள்

Awesome Tattoos, The Best Tattoo Artist in Bangalore and India. Eternal Expression is among the oldest running tattoo studios in Bangalore. Veer Hegde the founder has been tattooing since 2008 and founded Eternal Expression in 2009. his work is exceptional and is also voted Bangalore's Best Tattoo Artist by GQ. The person who started 3D tattoos in India. If you ever think of getting a tattoo in Bangalore, one that you will love for life. just go here!
Best Tattoo Artist in Bangalore
Please Dont call the number 9880077091..its a wrong number guy..
Veer Hegde is now a brand Name.. I have been associated with him and the studio since its inception in Bangalore. The Only Tattoo Studio to be featured in A Live News9/TV9 Story On Latest Trends in Tattooing. Needless to say why they were on the news.
Veer Hegde believes that Tattoos should be unique to each person... All his artwork is unique and mostly custom designed.. He is considered among the best by his ex colleagues in Leading Studios in Delhi and Mumbai... Check his latest artwork on
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Eternal Expression is now the Sole Distributors for Tattoo Supplies in the South of India.. Looking for US Imported Custom Kits...

They also conduct Professional Tattoo Apprenticeship... Want to Learn Tattooing..
Join Eternal Expression Now!

Contact Veer Hegde on 9742863993/ 08025575000 Or visit the site http://www.tattoobangalore.com

Check out, de SouthAmerican experienced tattoo Artist in de city now ...at "InkPrik Tattoo Studio"
the Skin specialist......................
I Had a custom tattoo design...Veer Hegde the lead Tattoo artist helped me out in actively Designing My Tattoo for which i am greatfull.. I din want just another tattoo off the shelf.. i wanted it to be unique... Got a Tattoo from here a few months back now and it looks great... Check out my tat....
good stuff... Got a Tattoo from here thx to ask laila... i found this place... And im sportin the anchor tattoo.

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உடல் கலை ஸ்டூடியோக்கள் இடர்னல் எக்சபிரெஷன் டாடூ எண்ட் பியர்சிங்க் ஸ்டுடியோ வகை பெயர் அருகிலுள்ள பட்டியல் பெயர்

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Gandhi Nagar Ashok Nagar
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