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அப்‌ பீட்

 08040911383, 08057673773
 09845131311, 09342481931
15, ஃபெவரெட் பிலாஜா, 5டி.எச். ஃபிலோர்‌, பானசவாடி, பெங்களூர் - 560043, Karnataka
ஆபோஜிட்‌ ஐ.டி.சி. ஃபேக்டரி
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cash, food coupon, credit card
cash, credit card
Home Delivery Radius: 2 கேமிஸ்
Amenities: ஆஉட்‌டோர் செடிங்க்
Alcohol: யெஸ்
Stags Allowed: யெஸ்
Parking: வாலெட்
Home Delivery Call: 40911383
Catering: யெஸ்
Home Delivery: யெஸ்
Valet Parking: நோ
Veg/Non-Veg: அல்லாத-வெஜ்
Food coupons accepted: நோ
Credit Cards Accepted: யெஸ்
Amenities: அதர்ஸ்
Entry: கவர்
AC,Non AC: அல்லாத எ.சி.
Cuisine: சைனிஸ் , மல்டி-கூசிந்ய் , நோர்த் இன்டியன்‌
Credit Cards Accepted: மாஸ்டர்‌கார்ட், விஜா, விஜா இலெக்டிரான்
எடிட்டர் குறிப்பு
Up Beat: Escape the noise of the city on this roof top restaurant, and jive with family and friends. Up Beat has colourful velvet couches under a tiled roof, tables under the open sky, a dance floor with disco lights, and walls adorned by pictures of legendary singers. Country, Rock and Roll and Ballroom are the flavours of this restaurant, so if the Jive, Cha Cha, Swing and Waltz appeal, then step on the dance floor. Food-wise, the Chilli Pork, Bacon Wrapped Prawns and Crispy Chicken are a must try. Up Beat runs karaoke nights as well.

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good place but cant go to the fifth floor and to costly
located on the fifth floor terrace,Up beat is a great place to escape the grind of the city...the starters in this place is real nice but the main course doesnt match up...also food is expensive so i really wouldn't recommend the trial nd error method.. state your palate preference to the waiter nd he would recommend sumthing...the bacon wrapped prawns they serve is awsome...

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