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39/3-44, எ.வி.எஸ். லெயாஉட்‌, இனர் ரிங்க்‌ ரோட்‌, பன்னெரகட்டா ரோட்‌, பெங்களூர் - 560029, Karnataka
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Home Delivery: நோ
Eco-Friendly: நோ
Food Coupons Accepted: சோதெக்ஷ்ஹோ
cash, food coupon
Credit Cards Accepted: மாஸ்டர்‌கார்ட், விஜா, விஜா இலெக்டிரான்
cash, credit card
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Spar Hypermarket: Head to Spar for all your household needs from detergent to imported cheese, utensils to electronics and lots more. Spar is a one-stop shop for all your daily needs. Processed food, fresh fruits and vegetables, personal care products, crockery and cutlery as well as sinful confectionary, fine liquors and delicious cooked food line the aisles of this hypermarket. The outlets are spacious and even though they have over ten cash counters, you cant avoid the wait at billing on weekends. Service is attentive and the staff takes your purchases right up to your car.

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worst service
spar is cheap and we get fresh vegetables and also non veg
Of all the Hyper/Super Markets in Bangalore, to me Spar is best! They are well stocked & organised in comparison to the rest.
I had seen many times that their staffs were eating inside in the food section by damaging the dryfruits packets & chocolates..
Pathetic ...
i dont thing the above comments supports the fact....spar is better compared to other biggies in the city
@Santhanu: What is the language you like to speak, I love shopping here. Yes there are chances of you damaging it and it's ridiculous to see you make such a big off and online for a surf packet. Anyway good luck for your shopping.
Hello Everyone The Store Manager of this place does not have basic sense of Customer Relationship Management. Last night I had tough time coping with the "shameless" fellow. Here is what actually happened: I picked up a surf packet from the shelf and went for billing. Unfortunately the Surf was leaking, so I kept it aside. The Cashier saw that and asked me to pay for it. I tried to explain that I did not notice that it was leaking when I picked it up from the shelf; and because it is damaged, I cannot take it or have it billed. The cashier started arguing and said that it was I whos has damaged the packet. This was ridiculous and thought that it was waste of my time in going into an arguement with the Casher. So I asked the cashier to ... மேலும் காண்க
its a shitty shopping experience, dont ever buy electronic items from them. They may be cheaper but they dont even work//
they will clean ur wallet, their prices r 50% higher than big bazaar and they cheat on every product, they put savings tags but on bill u pay original prices, staffs are rude and arogant, they come in the line wth friends shopping and u have to wait till they finish, when u complain they will abuse u that u have no right to talk and they wont stop, u have to wait, if u complain to manager he will abuse u that u r showing him ur anger, huge cheaters, in the end u r the looser and u dont even have any1 to complain
Spar Hypermarket is where you can shop w/o a stop! everything your need from dry to wet goods, fresh to frozen goods and not to mention imported goods too! everything that people needs i can say are in one roof!! they have lots of space, lots of counters to avoid long Qs...i like Spar market :)
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