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இரவுநேர கேளிக்கைவிடுதி
 08041265418, 08041265417
அந்த லீலா பேலெஸ்‌, 23, கோதிஹலிலி, எச்.எ.எல். ஏயர்‌போர்ட்‌ ரோட்‌, பெங்களூர் - 560008, Karnataka
இன் அந்த லீலா பேலெஸ்‌
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Amenities: டேன்ஸ் ஃபிலோர், டி.ஜெ.
Entry: கவர் சார்ஜ், எண்டிரி ஃபீ
Stags Allowed: நோ
Stags Allowed: நோ
Parking: கவர்ட், வாலெட்
Amenities: டேன்ஸ் ஃபிலோர், டி.ஜெ.
Entry: கவர், ஃபீ
Parking: வாலெட், கவர்ட்
Credit Cards Accepted: அமெரிகன் எக்ஸ்பிரெஸ், கரெஸ், இண்டெரிலிங்க், மாஸ்டர்‌கார்ட், பிலஸ், ஸ்டார்‌, விஜா, விஜா இலெக்டிரான்
cash, credit card
எடிட்டர் குறிப்பு
Athena: For a good night of clubbing, slip into your dancing shoes and head to Athena. Opt for its exclusive platinum, silver and gold class memberships and enjoy all that it has to offer. Shaken or stirred, the bar offers Shooters, Flamers, Daiquiris and Flavored Margaritas and a lot more, not to mention the impressive wine list. The food is good as well.

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பயனர் விமர்சனங்கள்

I went there last night(Ladies night on Wednesday) after inquiring everything(charge and timing etc). They told me that we will get 2 drinks(for girls). But as soon as we reached there, they said sorry that was before 9:30. Place is damm expensive. Crowed was less but good. But as far as service is concern it was really bad. They don't tell the things before and that cost huge punishment on our pocket .
Yet to explore..
Yet to See.
The best night club in Bangalore!
Awesome night club, obviously costly (cover charge 1000/-) but if you are looking ambiance and babes this is the best place to go ;) Awfully crowded on Saturday nights
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Very nice place, the best music system in town. It's on the expensive side, but totally worth it!
Well Laila had her birthday here, so this place is the tops. Watch out for the platinum section though, it is not what it is made out to be
ItS A DeCeNt PlAcE, WiTh DeCeNt CrOwD.
MuSiC's ArE GoOd.
GoOd FoR PeOpLe WhO LoVe HeAvY MeTaL, RoCk, HiP HoP.

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