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3302/எல், 12டி.எச். எ மெய்ன், இ.எஸ்.ஐ. ஹாஸ்பிடல்‌ ரோட்‌, எச்.எ.எல். 2என்.டி. ஸ்டெஜ்‌, இன்தீரா நகர்‌, பெங்களூர் - 560038, Karnataka
ஆபோஜிட்‌ ஃபிகரிந்ய் ஃபிடந்யேஸ் ஜீம்
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Catering: யெஸ்
Home Delivery Radius: 3 கேமிஸ்
Home Delivery: யெஸ்
Amenities: நாட் அவைலெபல்
Valet Parking: நோ
Alcohol: நோ
Home Delivery Call: 41272197, 41261182, 69999356
Veg/Non-Veg: அல்லாத-வெஜ்
Food coupons accepted: நோ
Credit Cards Accepted: யெஸ்
AC,Non AC: எ.சி.
Cuisine: செட்டீனத் , மல்டி-கூசிந்ய் , சௌத் இன்டியன்‌


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Annachi: Annachi is completely devoted to chettinad cuisine and this is reflected in their decor and ambience as well. The decor is tastefully done up with built-in courtyard seats and traditional south cotton saris adding a touch of glamour to the wall. Annachi lets you indulge in scrambled shark meat, a spicy quail preparation called Kadai 65 and Vadai Curry. Vegetarians can make a trip to Annachi during lunch time to taste the set vegetarian fare. During dinner you could try out Idiappams, Kal Dosas and Appams. To make a statement you could avail of Annachi's catering service for a private party at home.

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First time I had Chettinad food here with my friends.Ambiance is good and cost is also reasonable.
Good restaurant with tamilnadu style food. Their meals is good with sweet as well. They also have good non-veg. A bit more expensive than andhra style restaurants like Nagarjuna etc., but still decently priced.
The best Chettinand Cusine, Ambience is good even the cost of the food is affordable and it is very hygenic
My wife and I were longing to have a nice chettinad meal and decided to head to Annachi this afternoon . We had been to this place a long time ago and I still remembered the tasty chettinad delicacies the last time we were there. But this time we were in for a rude shock. Every single dish that we ordered including the butter milk was horribly wrong... tastelss , cold,... To top it we had to wait for long intervals to be served... by the cleaning boys, etc. A completely disappointing experience...not the same Annachi. Called the manager and asked him for a feedback form...they didn't have one!! Probably they ran out of forms ...with feedback from everyone who visited them in the recent past. People - recommend you stay away from this pl ... மேலும் காண்க
Nice non-veg food with comfortable sitting. Try food with Anachi spl parotha. Service is also appreciable. Over all good food. At the end preparing of your own paan is also something different and nice.
Serves nice spicy chicken dishes and starters. The ambience is pretty nice with comfortable & spacious seating. Their service is pretty decent, was not crowded when i had been there.
Went to Annachi with office junta. Definitely try Annachi Special Parota.
Dunno what the real Chettinad food is but I liked my Veg meal here. Had lots of varieties of Sambhar and Rasam and vegetables. Service was quick and seating was spacious. I guess non-veg is the area of specialty for them.
They tried ChettiNadu style only in the furniture,not at all in the taste. If any body from ChettiNadu comes here they will put a deformation suit against the hotal.
Dont prefer this hotel if u like to taste real chettinad taste. Only ambiance is chettiand style Nothing else. Most of the items appears only in the menu card. Very disappointing service.
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