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40, ஸ்டிரீட். மார்கஸ் ரோட்‌, பெங்களூர் - 560001, Karnataka
ஆபோஜிட்‌ எல்.ஐ.சி. கட்டிடம்
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cash, food coupon, credit card
Home Delivery Radius: என்/எ
Amenities: ஆஉட்‌டோர் செடிங்க்
Alcohol: யெஸ்
Stags Allowed: யெஸ்
Parking: வாலெட்
Home Delivery Call: என்/எ
Catering: நோ
Home Delivery: நோ
Valet Parking: யெஸ்
Veg/Non-Veg: அல்லாத-வெஜ்
Food coupons accepted: நோ
Credit Cards Accepted: யெஸ்
Amenities: லைவ் பேண்ட்
Entry: ஃபிரீ
AC,Non AC: எ.சி.
cash, credit card
Cuisine: அமெரிகன் , மிக்ஸ்‌கேன் , மல்டி-கூசிந்ய்
Credit Cards Accepted: அமெரிகன் எக்ஸ்பிரெஸ், மாஸ்டர்‌கார்ட், விஜா, விஜா இலெக்டிரான்
எடிட்டர் குறிப்பு
Hard Rock Cafe: Wine and dine with the legends of rock at the world famous Hard Rock Cafe that serves juicy burgers, a heady Bloody Mary and great music. The old stone walls beautifully complement the interesting rock memorabilia from Mick Jaggers jacket to David Gilmours guitar, keeping alive a magical sense of history. The BLT, Chicken in Hickory Barbeque Sauce, Mezze Platter and the giant Burger with Blue Cheese are definite must-haves at Hard Rock Cafe. Portions are generous and the service is friendly.

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One of the best pub of Bangalore. You must visit it atleast once if you to hanging out on weekends or for casual pub goers. Nice ambience and combo of drink and music is just soothing here. Do visit it just to live the experience of a real "Pub"...
one of the most lively and hap place in bangalore . Blood* mary with chicken with guitar and piano music, awesome combination. If u have a little money in your pocket then best place for fun weekend with friends .
Good food. Cool music.Great music & ambience. A place to be visited at least once.
One of the finest restaurants in bangalore...ambiance s also good...price may be bit expensive but reasonable...try out with ur friends or family n enjoy d food here....
Hard Rock Cafe is an ICON for Bangalore...
HRC Hard Rock Cafe is a great place to chat apart from the loud music from the TV Screens on the wall. The food comes out in big portions to big. My favorite is Hard Rock half Nachos Veg and Chicken Curry. The Chicken Curry is severed differently - Curry in a dish and rise is already on the plate. there cheesecake is in a glass it should be put on a plate.
in India respect, Indian people. White skin should not be given priority.Ofcourse treat them as guest of our great Indian culture, but not priority. If this happens again you Hard Rock will be Turned into a piece of Rock and will have to work Hard with Human Rights and other social Orgs. BEWARE.
No words to describe this just ROCKS!!!!

the prices are too much. a burger costs 375 bucks!!! they i never seem to find salt in my food. the meat had no salt what so ever.
the live bands are nice

but it is not fair : they charged my entire group for entrance, which i dont mind but. when this group of foreigners came in them refused to pay cover charge and insisted that they it be added to thier bill. when i had requested the same hardrock said no. but when these outsiders firangs asked for that options, they gladly let those guys in.
I am a regular at hardrock, why do they treat indians badly and give so much love to some strangers from another country how dont even have respect for policies followed here. why ???

@sayswho: It's still much, much better than Hard Rock Cafe-Kuala Lumpur.
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