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816/817, கோரோமண்டெல் டாவர்ஸ்‌, கிரௌண்ட்‌ ஃபிலோர்‌, பூனமலிலெ ஹை ரோட்‌, கிலபௌக், சென்னை - 600010, Tamil Nadu
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Brands: NA
Beauty Products: NA
Gender: Unisex
Other Services: Beauty Tips, Slimming Tips
Gender: Unisex
Hair Treatment: Anti-Greying Treatment, Crimping, Hair Color, Hair Cut, Hair Ironing, Hairloss Treatment, Hair Styling, Highlights, Partial Hair Straightening, Permanent Hair Straightening, Perming, Rebonding, Roots Touch Up, Scalp Treatment, Threading, Tonging, X-tenso
Services: Acne Therapy, Anti Aging Treatment, Body Sculpting, Cautery, Chemical Peels, Dermatologic Surgery, Hair Transplant, Intense Pulsed Light Skin Renewal, IPL Hair Removal, Laser Hair Removal, Laser Skin Treatment, Microdermabrasion, Phototherapy, Pigmentation, Skin Lightening Treatments
Body Treatment: Body Contouring, Hand & Feet Massage, Obesity Management, Stress Relieving Treatment
Credit Cards Accepted: MasterCard, Visa, Visa Electron
Skin Treatment: Acne Treatment, Anti Aging, Bleaching, Bridal Make Up, Eye Brow Treatment, Face Lift, Facial, Herbal, Lifting & Toning, Manicure, Mehndi Application, Nail Art, Pedicure, Pigmentation, Under Eye Treatment, Unwanted Hair Removal, Waxing, Wrinkle Uplifting Treatment
Services: Hair loss, Hair Replacement, Hair Transplant, Hair Treatments, Laser Hair Treatment

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In MBC Towers
Alwarpet, Chennai

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Hey guys!I am arman malik!i used to be a very fat person!my friends used to tease me a lot!n i felt very hurt!i somehow wanted to lose my weight!Then i surfed the internet and read about La belle!Then i checked their site!I was impressed!so i took an appointment there!they suggested me a weight losing program and gave me some diet chart!i followed that ! and within a month i was able to see a drastic change in me!and within 3-4 months i lost nearly 22 kgs!i am very much thankful to La belle!
hey.!I am college student!due to travelling a lot in sun my skin got tanned!i lost my original fairness!Then my friend told me about La belle!I took an appointment there!They suggested me various remedies and i took a skin treatment package there!i am very much delighted with the results!i have got my glow and fairness back!Thank you so much! :)
hello guys!i took a skin care program in La belle!I had many dark spots on my face!i was very much worried!Then i read about La belle!I took an appointment!They examined me and suggested me to take the program!it proved very effective!Now i got the original glow on my face without any spots! :)
Hi everybody. I am Arnav Tiwary and I am a college student. I was overweight since childhood and my friends always made fun of me and it bothered me a lot, but I was helpless all the time. La belle helped me lose over 40 kgs in 3 years which was a very big deal as I had been trying and failing for soooo many years. Thank you Labelle for changing my life.
i took a weight loss program in La belle..!It proved very much effective!Before an year i used to weigh around 120kgs!After joining La belle i saw a drastic change in my weight.!Now i weigh around 75 kgs which is appropiate to my age!I highly recommend La belle!The staff there is well trained and very professional!Thanks a ton La belle!
hi this is raj!i was very much worried about the pimples on my face!they started spreading all over my face!i consulted many doctors too..but all in vain!then a friend of mine told me about La belle(out of his personal experience)!i took the skin treatment there!To my surprise the pimples started lessening ever since i took the treatment here!within 2 months my face became clear and i started getting lot of attention too! :)!very much pleased to take the treatment here! :)
La Belle helped me lose hard fat that I was not able to lose at the gym by continuous workout and by yoga. They plan perfect diet charts and also provide treatments to loosen the fat, which also increased my metabolism and helped me lose weight effectively and fast.
Hello everyone. I am a 24-year-old model. I met with a serious road accident a few years back which gave me a lot of scars and marks on my body and face. It greatly affected my looks and was not acceptable to most of my clients. Finally, my agent told me about La Belle and that solved all my problems. I underwent several chemical peeling treatments which returned my original smooth skin with no marks at all. La Belle has greatly helped my career.
hi..i am Nishant Madan.I was very obese 6-7 months back.I was very much worried about my obesity.i tried various home remedies and even gave up on my favourite of dishes but nothing quite worked out for me.!then my friend told me about La belle.To be very honest initially didnt have any faith in La belle too.but when i took an appointment and spoke to the staff,i was quite impressed.As the saying goes"First impression is the best impression",i took a weight loss treatment program of 10kgs..and to my astonishment i was able to feel a drastic change in me withi 3 months.!my weight was actually reduced to 10 kgs.!i am very much impressed by La belle's service and staff.and would like to recommend La belle for any kind of body treatment!
i had nearly 4-5 warts on my left hand.It then started spreading on to my right hand and as days passed by warts started spreading onto my face and then legs.I was very much worried.then my friend suggested me about La belle.and i still thank him for doing so.I went to la belle and the skin doctor examined me and told me some steps to follow.This worked out very well for me.and i suggest all my friends(those with skin issues) to go nowhere but La belle!thank you very much La belle! :)
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