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சி.எஸ்.ஐ. கல்யாணி மல்டிஸ்பெஷியாலிடி ஹாஸ்பிடல்

 04428475101, 04428475229
15, டாக்டர். ராதாகரிஷ்ணன் சலை, மைலாபூர், சென்னை - 600004, Tamil Nadu
அருகில் சென்னை சிடி சென்டர்‌


cash, credit card
Stool Test: நோ
Urine Test: யெஸ்
Treadmill Test: யெஸ்
24 Hours: யெஸ்
Hearse Van: நோ
Blood Tests: யெஸ்
Lungs Test: யெஸ்
Home Delivery Radius: என்/எ
Home Delivery: நோ
Optical Test: யெஸ்
Nerve & Vein Test: யெஸ்
X-Ray: யெஸ்
Heart Test: யெஸ்
Scan: யெஸ்
Air Ambulance: நோ
Specialization: ஓர்தோபெடிக், மகப்பேறு மருத்துவர், திய்பெதோலோக்ய், இ.என்.டி., ஆய் ஸ்பெஷலிஸ்ட்
Credit Cards Accepted: மாஸ்டர்‌கார்ட், விஜா, விஜா இலெக்டிரான்

எழுது விமர்சனம்

பயனர் விமர்சனங்கள்

My daughter had a bad experience consulting the gynaecologist at Kalyani hospital. Just bcoz a family member had recommended the hospital, I made her go there though it is about 20 km from where she is put up. The said Dr. not only dismissed her complaint saying that she need not see a gynaec. but also told her in front of 4 other people that it is due to her "personal hygiene" and as its not urgent, she should go back the next day! Though I mailed them to lodge a complaint, they have not bothered to reply to my mail.
Dr.Shobana Jeyakumar, WAS an expert in gyno. But now she has become lazy and leaves the delivery in the hands of naive intern doctors. This puts hardship on the expectant mother leading complications to the new born. She will give false hope that she woulb be available any time for delivery but would recklessly come in only by 9 am, inspite of the mother in labour room very early at 6 . She pretends to be a chrstian.but does'nt know about Faith. Can you quote a verse from bible? Shobana? This hospital can be righly called as a toilet. Infrastructure, canteen & toilets are pathetic. Bethasda is a clean pool in israel but their rooms are Dirty ones. I tolerated all these for normal delivery and that hapenned because of Jesus!!Thank you ... மேலும் காண்க
Dr. Shobana Jeyakumar is an very noble person. She has an approach of not committing anything from her side regarding delivery. With so many complications she made me to deliver my baby normally. I owe my true respect and gratitude to her.
The Hospital is doing a very noble work. But doctor like Shobana Jeyakumar DGO is such a bad tempered, uncultured and uncivilized person who brings shame to the such a highly regarded profession.. Her license should be cancelled. I went there to seek medical assistance for my wife's complication that arose out of UTI and cyst. But the doctor never commented on the treatment and literally poking our personal life. It was not even a counseling, she was simply commenting on my marriage and never gave heed to my questions asked. All I wanted to know was how to deal with my wife's vomitings, abdomen pain and sleeplessness. To which she kept sayings "its nothing". The only reply I got from her is: I must stop working and find another profession ... மேலும் காண்க
I was unhappy with the behaviour of Dr.Shobana Jeyakumar who always speaks negatively as like her appearance. We are really provoked by her dialogues during our two visits made in the month of August'2012. Now, we are determined to change the hospital and looking for alternative. We will not suggest this lady doctor to anyone who looks better treatment.
The hospital is just cheating poor people. The doctors are diagonosising wrong and keeping patients for money. My cousin got admitted 4 days before. The medical authorities did not disclose the material facts of dignosis but oipined as Appendicites and suggested operation in 24 hours. The patient had to undergo high stress for the reason. Next day they told this is food poisioning only. But did not discharge the patient. He had to go to his native to his family. Moreover the autorities did not give details of the drugs administered on him during his admission and the rate of each drugs. The patient will have to consult other doctors at his native. But How those doctors will come to know about the diagnosis of Kalyani Doctors. All person ... மேலும் காண்க

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