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என்.என். ஹாஸ்பிடல்

 04422264080, 04422264085
 09840023817, 09840255949
39, காந்தி ரோட்‌, தம்பரம் வெஸ்ட்‌, சென்னை - 600045, Tamil Nadu
அருகில் தீபம் ஹாஸ்பிடல்‌


cash, credit card
Credit Cards Accepted: நோ
Specialization: கார்டியோலாஜி, மகப்பேறு மருத்துவர், ஓர்தோபெடிக்ஸ்

எழுது விமர்சனம்

பயனர் விமர்சனங்கள்

And by the way doctor the phrase that you ended TRUTH NEVER TRIUMPS justifies the way you described the incident i wish whatever u said was true,actually you should be believing TRUTH ALONE TRIUPMS, right doctor?
I somehow noticed this.So iam the patient doctor n lucky are talking about and i have no idea about what he/she has said about money pulling etc etc becoz she is a good doctor infact and in my 25 yrs of life people find me polite and calm and i belong to a very educated family.I dont want to post what happened inside the cabin and the doctor knows who was wrong.I dont care if or not people want to visit her clinic.and about what you said if iam GOD FEARING or not you dont get to judge me doctor becoz you know what happened.I was very disturbed after that incident that i had a very hard time forgetting it.i feel that bad things happen and those who do bad are humans and they deserve a chance.Be it me or the doctor.from my side i forgive you ... மேலும் காண்க
My baby girl was born in NN hospital 1.5 years back and i have the highest regard for the Doctor, and the staff. We moved to Tambaram 3 years back and i visited practically all the hospitals around Tambaram before we settled with this hospital because my wife was very comfortable with the Doctor. One of the main reason we liked the Doctor is because she used to spend a lot of time explaining each information in detail if you are interested to know. I think "lucky" probably had a personal grudge against the doctor, but it is not good to put it out on a public post.
Sir, I ALSO HAD WORST EXPERIENCE IN 25 YEARS OF MY EXPERIENCE. . Please listen to me also . this review is from particular patient. Please forward this explanation to those who posted a review. I happened to see a pregnant patient , Mrs. Fathima Amtul Baseer . i am doing regular check up. They will ask too many questions , i will patiently explain everything . She has Hypothyroidism . For any pregnant lady it is necessary to do targeted scan ( 20 weeks ) to rule out anomalies which should be done by experienced Radiologist . I suggested them a experienced radiologist who is a male doctor to whom i usuall ... மேலும் காண்க
We had the worst experience in life...N.N doc A.M.Suba is a money puller...targets preg woman...her tests will cost u 200/- to 500/- more than other labs...will not accept if u want to get the test done outside...she misbehaves with those who try to ask questions about her treatment...she thinks patients have no right to question her...she has no control on what she is talking when she is angry...she behaves like an illiterate woman..she doesnt look professional..boasts a lot about her VIP patients it is obvious that she became a doctor to earn money and not serve people so definitely she will have VIPs as patients who dont care about how much she demands for each test...definitely her treatments and unnecessary tests will drill a hole in p ... மேலும் காண்க

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